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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Traditional Card Games for Children

After reading in Little Chumsy's Blog about the Donkey Card game, all the childhood memories of how much fun I had playing with the traditional children's card games like Donkey, Old Maid, Snap and Happy Family came back to me. So I went hunting for them. I couldn't find them in a toy store but I finally found them in a bookstore.

A collection of all 4 of the children's card games cost me under RM5. Imagine that. Under RM5 for hours and hours of fun. It surely beats the PC games and DVDs of today. Its more healthy too. Its great for teaching the little ones that you can't always win. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

My little one always cries whenever he loses in any game and he usually tries to cheat. If there is a game where a dice is required to be rolled, you can be sure, he'll look at the numbers on the dice first before rolling it in such a way, that he will get the number he wants. If its a card game, he will try to peek. He is very innovative at cheating! And a rather sore loser.

I've kept the cards to be given out as rewards for good behaviour. We are still using our rewards stamps and charts for good behaviour and if they have been good, then they get to have a lucky dip for little goodies like this. The kids love it.

P.S. Donkey and Old Maid is actually the same game with different pictures on them. Basically the cards get passed around and you display your pairs whenever you have a matching pair. The only card without a pair is the Old Maid or Donkey card and the last one left still holding that card is called an Old Maid or a Donkey. So if you have a boy, you can get the Donkey card game and if you have a girl, you can get the Old Maid card game instead if you wish to follow specific gender rules. lol.

We tried it out yesterday and guess who is the Old Maid AND the Donkey?


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  2. Hi, i would like to know where did u get those cards? I couldnt find it anywhere. Thanks.

  3. I got those cards too for my daughter. She is like your son, a sore loser and tries to cheat!

  4. oh you finally found the cards :) i still prefer the old pictures huh? glad your kids like them. mine is always cheating...hahahahahha

  5. We play those cards at home too. Sometimes we use the cards to play memory game too, my little boy like this game currently. It's definitely better than computer games because we played with each others, rather than alone with computer.

  6. I think definitely NOT your boy!!! Must be poor mumy become old maid and donkey loh....so that both kids will not loose!

  7. I sure miss these cards game.

  8. Jes,
    Check out the bookshops, not the toyshops.

    I have a cheater, the boy and another very honest one, the girl. "Mummy, I accidentally saw... how?"

    mommy to chumsy,
    Yes, the old pictures were better. Hehe.

    Yes, we can use them to play the memory game too yah.

    I didn't lose on purpose wor. I just did. Hahaha.

    Well, now we can play them all over again with the kids. :)


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