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Monday, October 05, 2009

Playing with Fire

The children had been looking forward to Mooncake Festival for a few weeks. The girl was not feeling so well and was off to the doctor in the morning but she kept on asking hopefully. "Can we play lantern tonight?"

So, although it would have probably be more prudent and wiser to allow her to stay home in bed, we went out to play lanterns for over 2 hours! We went to the park and met many other children playing candles and lanterns at the park. The boy even met two of his kindy classmates who called out to him cheerfully.

The kids enjoyed lighting up the dark road with their lanterns. They enjoyed playing with candles although the little one cried at first when he got burned by melting wax. He also cried when his daddy accidentally burned parts of his lantern when lighting it up and he cried when the candle from his lantern went out. lol.

He soon got the hang of it though and it was almost midnight by the time we got home, gobbled up mooncakes and had a quick shower before jumping into bed.



  1. Wa Wa,so you managed to celebrate the lantern fest with all the zest,,, mine was a wet one... it rained and rained on saturday,,, so it was a indoor party instead,,,

    hey good week ahead ya?

  2. eugene,
    Yah, we had a good night out. :)

  3. It is always fun to celebrate with other kids!!!

    wah....midnight ah....I long time ago fell asleep already !!!

  4. Happy belated mid autumn festival to you and your family.

    Most kids love this festival, because they got to play with the "FIRE"!!! hahahhahahah


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