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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Negotiation Skills

The other day the kids were fighting over a piece of coloured stone. We had collected this stone from the beach during Chinese New Year. I laughed when I heard them arguing over a stone. The older one looked at me in surprise and asked "Why aren't you scolding us?"

That made me laugh harder. I told them that they are silly to fight over a stone. Brothers and Sisters must love each other. Why fight over a stone? "I can't remember whose stone that is. You both settle it yourself." I told them.

This is how they settled....

Girl: I remember we both had a stone. That orange one is mine.

Boy: No, its mine.

Girl: What about the shell. This shell is mine.

Boy: No, this shell is yours. Oh! Sorry, its a bit ugly and scratched. I accidentally put it in my car bag and accidentally scratched it. This one is yours. We try to remember it so that easier next time lah. This one that is a bit ugly because I accidentally scratched one, is yours.

Girl: This stone is mine.

Boy: Ok. Ok lah. This stone is yours. And remember this shell that is a bit ugly already is yours.

Girl: Ok.

End of Fight. The girl got the stone she wanted and the boy got the shell that he wanted and mummy just sat there laughing.


  1. Mummy had a good laugh and case settled “outside court”!!

    I did the same too. Too tired of them fighting who first everyday. So told them, decide between themselves and then let me know who first…. It works rite,…so far.
    And so cute to hear their reasoning and making decision... especially when they "barter trade"...

  2. annie,
    Settled out of court and everyone is happy, especially mummy. However sometimes mummy the judge still have to step in when the argument gets heated up and tears start to roll. lol. Usually mummy judge says something like this. "Come, give me the stone. If both of you canot decide among yourself than both of you cannot have it." :P

  3. Oh, I forgot to add then when mummy judge steps in, usually more tears will roll and everyone becomes unhappy. Hahaha.

  4. My brother & me also used to fight like this when were young.



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