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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sick on Concert Day

His sister had a stomach virus a week before his concert. She was vomitting and had to be given a suppository to stop the vomitting.

Each day I worried that he would get it too. I tried to be careful. I wiped and clean the toilet seat whenever she vomitted into the toilet bowl. I tried to keep them apart. I did not allow them to share food, toys etc.

On his Concert morning, he woke up very early and excited. All morning he asked me "Is it evening yet?" I was happy that he had not gotten his sister's stomach virus or his daddy's and mummy's cold.

Just before lunch, he vomitted all his breakfast in the car while we were coming back from an errand. As Murphy's Law would have it, he kept on vomitting after that. He could not take in any foods, not even any fluids!

By evening, we asked an almost tearful, hungry and boy in pain whether he still wanted to go to his concert. We told him its ok if he didn't. There will be another concert next year. He said he wanted to try.

So we brought him to the venue to try. We brought him there before 5pm. His turn to perform was past 9pm! He was supposed to introduce his act. He walked on stage tearfully. He looked tired. He had not had any food since morning. His stomach was in pain. He felt like vomitting. However, the brave boy, introduced his act with a loud strong voice, drawing good applause.

He went on to dance, play music with his kindy percussion and sing in the choir with his friends till past 10pm. He had been at the concert venue for 6 hours! He had been without food since breakfast which he threw up, so perhaps it would be more accurate to say since supper the night before. Still, when we got home, the poor little one could not go to bed immediately. I had to bathe and wash his gel filled hair at 11pm!

The next day, he continued to vomit and his body rejected all food and fluids. He couldn't even take water without vomitting. We used his sister's suppository (when the paeditrician saw his sister, she had given us his dosage... just in case.... because these things are so contagious). It was no use. He had not had any foods or proper fluids for two whole days.

It was Sunday. Our usual paeditrician was closed. We took him to another, who gave him a jab. Finally by Sunday evening, I was able to give him a few teaspoons of plain white porridge and he slowly started to recover from then.

I am so glad that he is recovered now. I was so worried because he was starting to look so malnurished from 3 days without food. He looked so tired and weak, in pain occassionally and uncomfortable. I was worried about dehydration too.

I was worried whether we were doing the right thing to allow him to go on with the show. He would have been so so disappointed and so we allowed him but we worried throughout the show. Especially when we saw his pale thin face on stage! Thankfully, I think because he wanted so much to perform, he managed to "tahan" his pain and discomfort in order to do so.

Thankfully, he is recovered now and is slowly getting back to normal diet again.


  1. I am indeed to hear the good news, anyway it seems that nowadays, there are a lot funny viruses flying in the air. we need to be extra careful about the hygeine and the cleaniness of our children.

    take care now, my friend

  2. poor poor boy.. but you must be so proud of him, he's so brave to persevere with the show! *beam*

    p/s: i used to be autumnmusic, u rmbr me? =P

  3. Poor kid (oh and what a trooper he is!)... and poor worried-sick mommy!

    If you aren't already doing it, do all you can to boost up your family (and yours too!) immunity system... vits, nourishing foods/soups/tonics, ample rest, fresh air, etc.

    For whatever it's worth, be consoled that your boy is indeed brave and has a strong spirit to persevere in achieving his goal, despite obvious pain and discomfort - an essential trait that will serve him well to overcome whatever trials may come his way later in life.


  4. eugene,
    We keep falling sick all the time despite our attempts at being careful with hygiene etc.

    Why did autumnmusic turn into lazy autumn? :)

    He was a real trooper. I was bursting with pride to see him looking so sickly but trying his best.

  5. autumnmusic decided to be honest with herself and admit that she's actually awfully lazy. but leh, she still loves autumn lar =P

  6. haha. as long as she still loves autumn, she's still autumn.


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