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Friday, October 02, 2009

The Kids Love Mooncake

The kids love mooncake. Any sort of flavour will do. They love most of them. When daddy comes home with a box, they will crowd round eagerly to see whats in the box. :)

Especially the little one who loves food. Yesterday he was grumbling about not having his own present. We told him that if he worked hard like his sister and does well in studies and piano etc, then he will be rewarded with his own presents.

He remembered that his sister's piano teacher had given her a set of decorative erasers and remarked "I don't want erasers, I want food!" lol.

Its mooncake festival tomorrow. I can't wait to devour more mooncakes and play candles and lanterns with the kids. Hopefully the weather holds up. Its been raining so much these days.

This year we didn't get the kids any lantern. They're using recycled ones from 2 years ago. Last year we got them new ones and those got burnt but the ones from 2 years ago are still around and look surprisingly new. Of course the kids grumbled and requested for new ones but I think they will forget about it once I take out the candles. :)

Happy Eating Mooncake and playing lanterns to everyone young and old.


  1. Hopefully won't rain tomorrow. Don't forget to upload the pics of the festival, MG! really want to see :)

  2. Bea1's school got a day off yesterday due to the celebration. I can't believe at first when I saw the letter.
    My friend said it is part of
    1Malaysia, wonder if other schools applied for a day off too.
    We love mooncakes too, but they are expensive.

  3. hahaha....it is easy when they love food !!!

  4. henny,
    Yahoo! It didn't rain. :)

    My girl's Chinese school had a week's holiday for Hari Raya but did not have any Holiday for this. Hahaha. Thats 1 Malaysia.

    Yes, its easier than when they hate food. I have both at home. :)


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