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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

8 Online Interactive Story Book Sites For Kids To Read And Learn

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Other icon pictures shown below are from the storybook sites reviewed.

Many of us read stories to our children before they go to bed at night using real story books but what about online stories? Do we spend time reading online stories to our children? Reading online interactive story books together with your child can be a fun experience. The best way for a child to enjoy online storybooks is together with the parent. Don't let online stories or apps become convenient baby sitters. Let them be a time for bonding, learning and teaching. Here are 8 great online sites which have amazing stories to listen and watch with your child.

1. I'm Reading From Starfall - Starfall is a great site for improving literacy in children in a fun way. 

This part of Starfall has stories for the confident reader. However you can use this to read to younger children as well. I especially love the parts on Folk Tales, Greek Myths and Chinese Fables.

2. Short Stories From Learn English Kids British Council - There are plenty of stories to watch, listen and read on British Council Learn English Kids site. 

Popular stories can be found on a playlist on YouTube so children can watch, listen and read them over and over again. 

3. Online Story Books From Kiz Club - Kiz Club has stories divided into Levels for readers in different grade groups. Stories are presented in nice little graphics depicting real books making it really easy to pick books to read, just like picking books from a library. 

The stories are really fun too and include classic tales like The Three Little Pigs, The Lion and The Mouse, The Three Bears etc.

4. Online Stories From Inkless Tales - Inkless Tales has a list of its own tales for young children to read or watch. 

However, if watching is what you prefer, note that not all stories are in video form with music and scenes. 

Some are in print form so the child can practise his or her reading skills. There are poems too which you can navigate to from the sidebar. 

5. Guided Reading With Roy The Zebra - Roy, the tale of the Singing Zebra is a guided storybook in nine parts about seeking adventure, following your dreams and making new friends along the way. 

Unlike the other story book sites, this one consists of one tale split into nine parts. This would be good for the older child who has a longer attention span as there is continuity in the stories. 

6. Clifford Interactive Storybooks - This one does not need any introduction. It is for Clifford fans and who does not like Clifford the big red dog or Elizabeth Emily and all the other characters in the Clifford stories? 

Clifford Online Interactive stories bring the Clifford storybooks to life for Clifford lovers. The story is interactive and kids can pick words they like to 
use in the stories. The character will act out the words they select.

7. Magic Keys Online Illustrated Stories - Magic Keys has stories for kids of all ages. Stories are grouped according to age from very young children to young adults. Only a few come with audio. 

Most are in print form allowing kids who enjoy reading on their own to read and explore. You can still read this together with your child but it is ok to let them explore and read on their own here too.

8. Storyplace for Preschoolers - I haven't visited this site in ages. I remember my kids used to enjoy it because every story comes along with its own activity or game. 
Stories are on various themes that appeal to young children, music, pets, babies, firefighters etc. 

I remember when I used to access it years ago, there were stories for older kids too on the elementary library. but I can't seem to find it now. Now, there's just the preschool library. 

There are many other online story book sites for kids but with these 8, you should have enough to give your child hours and hours of fun reading indoors on a rainy day. It is much better than playing mindless addictive games on devices. Introduce them to a world of stories, of adventure and the fun of reading.

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