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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Brain Gym In Malaysia

One of the centres we are currently featuring on our website is Achievers Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) which runs the Brain Gym Programme. Since we are not too familiar with Brain Gym, we decided to interview one of its founders Ms Daphne Wong. Here is an excerpt of our interview.

1. Can you tell me how ABCD started?

My long time girlfriend n buddy said to me one day.....Brain Gym works...let's have a centre where more people are aware of this programme and benefit from it since both of us have been using Brain Gym in our personal life, family and friends with so much success.

2. I understand that ABCD runs the Brain Gym programme. Can you tell me more about Brain Gym?

I am a Certified / Licensed Brain Gym(R) Instructor / Consultant. I found this program about 13 years ago when I was searching for help to guide my daughter who was a slow learner with other challenges. Brain Gym is a series of simple movements to get the whole brain working together for an individual to achieve her full potential regardless of age. Of course the younger children need someone to guide them. Brain Gym can be done by anyone, anywhere n anytime. It is a simple exercise with no medication nor any intrusive equipment / technique.

3. How does Brain Gym help kids with special interest eg kids with ADHD?

Brain Gym was started for the special needs children though, I have injected Brain Gym in my programmes which are for every child to achieve optimal learning. ADHD is a learning condition of a child and Brain Gym regulates the brain's hyperactivity. As the part of the brain activities is overactive so by regulating that part of the brain of the child, the whole brain body system will be balanced and function optimally.

Cognitive skills are directly related to a child’s ability to pay attention. Children, like adults, have problems paying attention to something they can’t do or understand. Without strong underlying learning skills, schoolwork will be overwhelming and a child will inevitably want to “move on” from work that is seemingly too difficult.  Many children are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder or ADHD and given medication when the problem could be improved in other ways.

At abcd, we are convinced that excellent cognitive skills are essential for learning and for paying attention. That’s why each Brain Gym® exercise that we give our students is loaded with intentional distractions, building cognitive skills and attention skills at the very same time.

Poor cognitive skills = poor academic skills = poor attention skills

Brain Gym has many segments for example
Brain Gym for Special Needs,
Brain Gym for senior citizen
Brain Gym for baby
Brain Gym for the learning challenged
Brain Gym for business

Brain Gym for anyone to improve

1. Focus n concentration
2. Communication
3. Comprehension
4. Writing, Reading, Listening & speaking.
5. Releasing anger, stress , emotion

and etc. The list is endless as the The key to learning is through movement

So we need to Learn to Move , Move to Learn. 

Especially in this era, where we are walking less, exercising less, eat more play less, not to mention the gadget in hand at all time syndrome .... We have more and more children with learning difficulties. Our programmes in abcd are geared towards children who are natural learners and in general learn best in a fun move to learn environment. Our preschool programme is best known to be movement centered, character & attitude enhanced, fun & happy result proven centre.

4. Can you tell me more about the movement exercises you use in the Brain Gym programme?

The movements are simple and easy to do. The basic one for example touching your right knee with your left hand. This is called Cross Crawl. Can the children do it easily ? Fluidly ? Coordinating well the sides of their body ??

5. Where does the Brain Gym programme come from?

From USA.

6. Do you do counseling for families with learning challenged children?

Yes I do. I call these sessions Private Session / Private Consultation.

7. Do you accept them into your programme?

Yes I do, children with learning challenged / difficulties. Though not physically challenged children as we don’t have the facilities.

8. Do you have any advice for parents with special needs children?

Accept the child’s condition. Respect the child. Be prepared for the child’s future. This motto applies to every parent as every child is unique in his/her own way

8. Can you tell me about the other programmes that you run at ABCD? The Neo Humanistic Education Preschool and the SIP Abacus and Mental Arithmetic?

We are first and foremost a Preschool basing our philosophy on Neo Humanistic Education (NHE) through Brain Gym(R), yoga , movements and music. We have a range of classes for children interested in achieving healthy and balanced brain. We also run workshops for parents, teachers and caregivers.

SIP Abacus & Mental Arithmetic is a program that works on the Visual , Auditory & Kinesthetic segments of a child learning the concepts of numbers.

SAP, Super Achievers Programme is for children aged between 7 – 12. Our aim is to sharpen their senses to learn in any situation to their best ability.

JAP, Junior Achievers Programme is for children aged between 5 – 6. Our aim is building a solid foundation before they enter formal schooling.

NHE Preschool in the words of P.R.Sarkar.

Neohumanist Education (NHE) is firmly rooted in the philosophy and principles of Neohumanism, which stands for "the practice of love for all creation including plants, animals, and the inanimate world" as propounded by the Indian philosopher Shrii P.R. Sarkar. NHE incorporates a harmonious blending of oriental introversial philosophy and occidental extroversial science. Its methodology is flexible, creative and culturally sensitive, making it adaptable to different cultures and parts of the world.

Neohumanist Education seeks to redefine the human experience. Current educational practice works on a model of the individual as a singular entity pitted against the forces of the universe. Competition and the need to dominate and control are the hallmarks of this system.

Neohumanist Education rejects this vision of humanity and proposes instead that we are all beings intimately linked with the fabric of the universe. As such the insecurities, born of alienation and loneliness that drive our society become meaningless.

Neohumanist Education unleashes infinite learning potential into our lives by expanding our understanding of ourselves and our potential. Spirituality, creativity and love are at the center of this new force.

Imagination, the power to conceive and enact wonderful dreams, brings life and energy into the lives of teachers, students and their families. And because we are no longer isolated and alone in this process, because we feel part of a universal family engaged in a universal enterprise, we seek to affirm our kinship through service to the universe.

Thank you very much for your input Ms Daphne Wong. That was enlightening. There are indeed many programmes available now in Malaysia. It is interesting to find out more about them through our website.

To find out more about Brain Gym or abcd, go here.


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