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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Mumsgather Finds - A One Stop Center For Parents In Malaysia To Find Service Providers


We're officially launching today. Welcome to our new website - Mumsgather Finds
With Effect From Today, This Parenting Blog Is Now Part Of A Website - Mumsgather Finds Which Aims To Be A One Stop Center For Parents Searching For Service Providers.

Hello Parents, in particular parents who have been following this blog and  the Malaysian Primary And Secondary School Parents on Facebook members. In my continuous effort to bring more benefits to us parents I am now starting a new website.

We're officially launching our new website today!

We've been hard at work getting our new website up and running for your convenience. We've tried our best to get everything looking pretty good there. However, there may be some odds and ends to clean up so if anything looks out of sorts, please bear with us.

Why are we having this new website?

After more than 2 years administrating the Parenting group on FB which now number over 10,400 members, I realize that we busy parents are always searching for enrichment classes, tuition, school holiday programmes, back to school promotion and other events and offers related to parenting our school going kids.

That is why we have started this new website called Mumsgather Finds. The tagline or this site is "Helping Malaysian Parents Find Service Providers." The idea is to make it easier for us to search for service providers visually at a glance, all in one page. At the moment, we have categories like "Enrichment Classes", "Tuition Centers", "Events" and "Offers" etc. We plan to build on this and make exciting additions. The vision is to make the website a one-stop centre for all the things that could be important to us and our children.

Mumsgather Finds - Helping Malaysian Parents Find Service Providers
Mumsgather Finds - Helping Malaysian Parents Find Service Providers
You may noticed that I have linked this Parenting Times Blog to the new website so that more parents can enjoy the Parenting Articles that I have been writing and will continue to post. Going forward, we could be expanding our blog categories to cover "Parents Reviews" on service providers and "Expert Tips" from participating service providers.

I also hope to get good discounts and offers specially for our FB group members from the service providers featured on the website.

Last but not least, to make this succeed, I will very much need to have your support!

So, please SubscribeLike us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram, Follow Us On Twitter, or Follow Us on Google plus to get the latest updates. Just choose which you prefer or do all. Thank you for being so supportive and for your wonderful sharing in the group and here.

If you have been following this blog and is puzzled by the new look, please note that we are now part of the website called Mumsgather Finds as explained above. I hope you will continue to follow this blog because nothing has changed. In fact, this blog will now be improved with more parenting tips and articles for you. Thank you for following me throughout these years. 


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