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Friday, July 03, 2015

10 Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Young Children Learn To Swim

Swimming Class at Erika Peres Swimming Academy
With our new website http://www.mumsgatherfinds.com officially launch, we hope to bring you expert advice from participating service providers on this blog which is now part of our new site. Today, we are interviewing Erika Peres who runs Erika Peres Swimming Academy to find out her expert opinion on this topic - 10 Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Young Children Learn To Swim

10 Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Young Children 
Learn To Swim

1. Join your babies during swimming sessions because it is a joyous bonding time for parents and babies.

2. The optimum time for baby to stay in the water is 30 minutes as they will be restless after that. The younger the child, the shorter the time span.

3. Kids who become exposed to water at a young age become less fearful of water. So start them young. We have babies as young as 6 months old for our Water Babies Programme

4. Make sure baby eats at least 2 hours before swimming and they should be offered a snack after swimming because swimming makes babies hungry. 5. Do not expect your child to be able to swim soon after they are introduced to the water. Every child is different. 

6. Listen to your child and do not pressure them till they are ready.

7. If your child looks like he or she is not enjoying the water, do not give up!

8. Do not compare your child with others.

9. Don't worry or fuss if your child accidentally slips or swallows water as this is a learning process. Just lift your child up gently and put on your best smile. Praise and encourage them for trying. 

10. Give your child some time and let him/her develop his confidence, very soon he/she will be able to enjoy the wonderful experience of being in the water.

This article was contributed by Erika Peres 
Erika Peres Swimming Academy


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