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Shopee Ramadan Sale

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Choosing A Secondary School In Malaysia

If your child is studying in standard 6 and sitting for the UPSR in September, by now you would have received or will be receiving forms to select a secondary school. You may be allowed to choose up to 3 choices from a list of given schools. There may be a separate list for Cluster Schools. The list of schools stated in the form given to you are the feeder schools for your child's current school. These are schools that are usually within the vicinity of your child's current school whose students will be given automatic promotion or acceptance into the secondary school.

Even hard to get in schools like the much sort after Catholic High School in PJ have its own feeder schools. So for those planning to get into these sorts of high demand schools, you might consider finding out what are the feeder primary schools and registering into those. Some of these schools have a minimum entry requirement of 7As but this requirement is lower for its feeder school.

Your next step once you receive the selection of secondary school form from your child's school is to list down your school choices in your preferred priority. 1, 2, 3. Then you wait. The results of your school selection will usually be out around the time you get your UPSR results.

If you wish to go to a cluster school or school with minimum academic achievement requirement, you may then have to provide the school with your UPSR result slips. If you do not get the school of your choice or if your choice is not even in the list, then it is time to do a transfer of school.

If you are sending your child to private or international school but you have not fully decided yet, you can still fill up the form. Once you get the result of your school allocation, you can attend that school or go to the school to do cancellation.

Note: Those who are switching from public primary school to private secondary school with semester starting in September may not have a holiday as they will go straight from UPSR to attend the private school. However, if you are attending private school with local syllabus, the school term will start in January like in a public school.

Next post on Tips For Choosing Secondary School.

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