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Thursday, July 02, 2015

How To Bring Out A Shy Child Through Singing

Do you have a very shy child? Perhaps you are wondering how to draw out your child's best personality by getting him or her to open up.

One of the ways you can do that is by encouraging your child to sing. You don't need to have any special skills or instruments to sing. Your voice is the most natural instrument for most. You may have noticed how your toddler takes to learning song and rhyme. Did you notice how your kids pick up a tune even way before learning how to read and write? 

Debra Abraham, principal and founder of Rockstarz Performing Arts Studio has this to say.

"Lots of shy kids just need nurturing and a non-critical environment. Although singing pitch is important, it can be a challenge for very young kids between 3-5 years old. What they need is a chance to showcase their enthusiasm and be given encouragement for their boldness to stand in front of a crowd just singing their lungs out. 

Lots of shy kids open up through singing. Singing is very therapeutic for everyone  young and old. It allows people to express the joy, insecurities, sadness etc of their very souls. There is a feeling of connectedness as your voice truly comes from within your physical body and does not need to be transferred onto a man made instrument for it to "speak".

It encourages an acceptance of oneself as everyone has a different voice, a different timbre, a different vocal range and yet each voice type is able to communicate expression - a message to a listener.

Did you know that a very shy, reserved and withdrawn student started singing - wrote about her issues, placed it in songs, produced an album and eventually won a singing competition in Australia. 

Another student who is autistic has improved her diction, communication skills and is on a journey to take up singing as her vocation."

Such is the power of singing!

To recap on what Debra has said, here's

How To Bring Out A Shy Child Through Singing.
  1. Provide them with a non-critical environment. Do not laugh or make fun of them when they are singing
  2. Give them a chance to showcase their enthusiasm. Let them sing their lungs out. Then slowly encourage them to do so in front of a crowd
  3. Encourage your child to express their feelings through singing whether it is sadness, anger, joy or insecurities. Singing is healing, therapeutic and most important of all fun
So if you have a shy child, a singing class just might be what it takes to bring get them to open up in a fun, non-threatening environment.

This article was contributed by Debra Abraham, principal and founder of Rockstarz Performing Arts Studio. Debra is a vocal instructor and also the founder of Rockstarz. She is passionate in teaching the performance arts to kids, teens and even adults. Her youngest student is 3. She hopes that she can help bring out the confidence in kids and teens through creative expression. 

Here is a video of some children enjoying their lessons at Rockstarz. Enjoy!


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