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Friday, July 10, 2015

Best Book Sets For Kids

Book Sets, Chapter Books Or Books In A Series are excellent ways to get reluctant readers to read. This is because there is continuity in the stories, building up not only in terms of vocabulary introduced but also in some cases a continuing storyline. Some chapter book sets include books that have a continuing storyline. However most are stand alone books, that can be read on their own but with common characters in them.

My Discount Books, an online book retailer which is currently featured on our main site gives us some good recommendations on some book sets you can get to encourage a reluctant reader to read.

Based on their recommendations,

Here are the Best Book Sets For Kids

1. Usborne 100 Book Sets

My First Reading Library includes 100 books in its collection. The books are suitable for kids aged 3+. The 100 books in this collection allows children to gradually take over a greater share of the reading, building their confidence all the time. 

You should encourage your reluctant reader by making reading a fun activity. Pick a time when you are both relaxed, sit your child on your lap and read together pointing to the words as you go along. Make it a bonding time where your child will enjoy and equate with good times. You will create a lifelong love in books and reading while having a good time  with your child.

This box set includes:

My First Reading Library – 50 books (green)
22 books - Usborne Very First Reading range
12 books - level 1
16 books - level 2
Usborne My Reading Library - 50 Books (red)
14 books - level 3
16 books - level 4
20 books - Usborne Young Reading Series One

2. Roald Dahl Book Set – 15 books

This is another excellent addition to a child's library. Roald Dahl receives a lot of good reviews in goodreads.com. They are suitable for kids from 8+. 

The way Roald Dahl writes is really appealing to kids. His stories are extremely creative and can take you anywhere in the world of imagination the way books should. 

This set of storybooks should take your child away from their video games, ipads, iphones and other gadgets. Let's get children away from gadgets and back to books.

Titles in this collection include:

Going Solo
The Giraffe And The Pelly And Me
George's Marvellous Medicine
Fantastic Mr Fox
The Magic Finger
Esio Trot
Boy Tales Of Childhood
Charlie And The Great Glass Elevator
The Witches
The Twits
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
James And The Giant Peach
Danny The Champion Of The World

3. Richard Scarry Book Set - 10 Books

Richard Scarry's books have been delighting children for generations with their detailed pictures showing the goings-on in a very busy town. These books are good for children aged 3+. Kids will love poring over the bright pictures and endless details and discovering that the longer they look at each one, the more crazy and comic incidents they will spot.

Books with lots of graphics like this is a great way to introduce or convert a reluctant reader to a book worm. You can  look at the pictures together and have fun talking about them. This is especially good if your child is a visual person.

Titles in this set include.

Great Big Mystery Book
Great Big Schoolhouse
Best Word Book Ever
What Do People Do All Day?
Cars and Trucks and Things That Go?
Funniest Storybook Ever
Planes and Rockets and Things That Fly
Busiest People Ever
Best First Book Ever

Best Counting Book


  1. My son loves geronimo's series... Yet to read this series... Thanks for your recommendation..


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