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Monday, July 03, 2006

Someone stole my blog post!

I've read about many blogs which copied and paste contents which are not their own but I didn't think it would happen to me. Afterall, who would want to copy a SAHM's post? Its not like I'm writing some technical materials or techy stuff etc. I'm merely writing about my childrens' developmental stages for goodness sakes! I can't believe that even that would make me a victim of content theft.

However, this morning, I received this comment in my mail box.

I discovered this site(http://www.evelynpoh.com/?p=150#more-150) has the exactly same post as yrs- not only the favourite folders but every words. Jus wondering do you have another sister site?

I'm fuming! To this Evelyn Poh whoever you are. You are a cheapo to copy my post replace it with your own names and try to pass it off as your own! You even copied Maria's cute icon and put it in the post! (Maria, I wanted to put in the link to the post when your cute icon first appeared but I couldn't find it. Anyway, no need to put also everyone knows its yours!) I am sure the regular readers to my blog as well as Maria's Double Happiness blog will know that it is not YOUR post as they will know my writing style and know that only Maria can make such nice icons. You are committing plagiarism! Why you cannot read ah? Scroll down to the bottom of my blog. It is copyrighted ok?!!!

This is what plagiarism means in case you don't know?

According to Webster's New World Dictionary, to plagiarize is to "take the ideas, writings, etc. from another and pass them off as one's own" . When you do this, you are committing a form of academic dishonesty. In actuality, plagiarism is a type of stealing. The person whose ideas or sentences you are passing off as your own has worked hard to write down his or her ideas.

You are stealing! Do you understand that? You are not only a cheapo but a thief!

To the anonymous commenter who brought this to my attention, thank you very much. No, I do not have a sister site and I am certainly not this Evelyn Poh nor is my daughter called Shannon Joy. Its sad but when you have a public blog, this is one of the problems you face isn't it?

To Maria, whose cute icon has been stolen, I urge you to put up a similar post to expose this thief when you come back.

To my regular blog readers, here is my original blog post:

Toddler's Favourite Folder

and this is the one copied by the thief.
My Little Miracle’s Favourites .

She has copied it word for word (lock stock and barrel) accept for replacing it with some names here and there to pass it off as her own. And right at the bottom of the post you will notice Maria's cute little icon which Maria created for putting in her own blog posts. At least if you want to take it from Maria or me, have the decency to ask!

So, regular readers, tell me what you think of this person? Go on shoot! Please "scold" her for me and Maria as I am really unhappy about this! I wonder whether she copied anything else from my blog or from anyone else too but I don't have the time nor do I feel like checking it out. Sigh!


If you read this blog in the late afternoon, you probably can't find the blogger anymore. Somehow I have the uncanny feeling that she has merely moved her blog. I did a search on google and almost fainted when I saw countless of my posts, word for word in her blog! Its so scary. I feel violated, disgusted and having shivers up my spine that someone could pretend she was me.

Here are the cache's and the url to some of my old posts that she copied. There's probably lots more that I haven't found.

My old posts on:
Do you shout at your spouse in front of your kids?
Funny Things Children Say
Hidden Talent
Mooncake Festival

Cache of her blog which she has sinced removed. You can see all of my above posts in there exactly as I wrote it with some slight replacement in names. In there is another post with the title "Be Back Soon" which I clearly remembered is from Maria. Theres lots more too but I'm just posting a few.

I am shaking as I write this. She is beggining to give me the creeps. Is she sick? Is she even real? Why is she pretending to be me and Maria and others combined?

Hmmm sorry, the cache of her blog is different now and you probably cannot see those posts I mentioned in there but here's more post of mine she copied and another cache.

The Best of Me

Perhaps you can find the posts above from this cache of her blog. She has called it "Childhood Toys - Paperdolls" and "The Contradictory of Me" instead.

Another update:

I think I want to cry! Some of you mentioned that you can no longer access her blog. Well, if you search the seach engines like Google or Yahoo or MSN, you can still find it in their cache for a while. While doing that I found that she had also copied a very personal post of mine which I dedicated to my hubby for our wedding anniversary. She even posted her wedding pic in the post! Please go to this url you can see many of my posts which I mentioned above there, plus the anniversary one called Happily Married, I Am.

Note: I have removed all the outward links from this post and consider the matter closed.


  1. I think as your blog gets more famous... these kinda things are bound to happen :(

  2. Can't believe someone would actually do that! What good will come out of it, save for one extra post which is not meaningful if she has to steal it!

  3. Lots of people like that in the blogosphere. Did she have Google Adsense on her site (I'm not clicking on the link becoz I don't want to benefit her)? If she did, then she's probably doing it for the ad revenue.

  4. Hey mumsgather, fume first, then take it as a compliment! Shows you have information which is 'valuable' to others out there! Wah..dare to show her face somemore. The name Shannon Joy sounds familiar to me ...now where have I heard that name!

  5. OOh, this fellow so thick skin ah! Anyway, it proof that your blog is good so only people will copy. Just like famous ppl also got stalked. Sad.

  6. bibliobibuli,
    Utterly shameless!

    There's an old saying that goes something like this.. "Lembu punya susu, sapi punya nama."

    I can't believe it either!

    No, she does not have ads. I just cannot understand the motivation for it.

    Come to think of it, it sounds familiar to me too. Hmm...

    Ya lah. That post took some effort to write ie putting up the links. I wrote it for my own benefit for easy reference to the pages as well as to share with the other parent bloggers who read my blog, certainly not for thick skinned individuals like that.

  7. Oh my, why would she do that???!!! I think as a mother, she's answerable to her daughter!

  8. just don't let those kinda people stop you from writing. :)

  9. blurblur,
    You are right. She did not sit down with her daughter to discover those sites yet she put up a picture of her daughter in front of the pc. Dunno what to say....

    Nope. Don't think it will. As a matter of fact, I was just about to share some educational sites that I used to teach my kid. I shouldn't let it stop me from sharing now should I.

  10. Shame on her, but then, people actually copied your work means you are something, Mumsgather. :)

    Another milestone in your blogging world? :P

    Anyway, I'm sure every knows whose post it belongs to.

    By the way, Twinsmom is on holiday but I will inform her anyway.

  11. whao... tak boleh holiday baik-baik juga.

    anyway, I told Jason to post on behalf of me liao, and post her picture big big to show everyone, and screenshot her particular post, incase she deleted it.

    good Lord, what an example she did for her kid.

    but then, also means your post and my graphic are fantastic LOL... oK, OK cheap thrill....

  12. I have no grudge against this “copycat” blogger and in fact I do not know her at all. I can understand that some people are not good at using words to express their feeling, it absolutely OK if you want to quote 1 or 2 lines in yr blogs, but not to that 99% imitation. I have been a regular reader to her blog until one day I discovered that she cloned exactly same post as my fren’s blog. (which talks abt her dd first day of preschool). I dropped her msg, to ask her why she did that. Well, she didn’t respond but the next day she amended the whole paragraphs. So things kena of peace at that moment. Few days ago, I discovered she “stole” someone’s illustration and shamefully claimed that it was her own 100% header art creation. I reported this to the “original creator”. And wat a coincidence, I found out that she had “stole” something frm here too. (Oh MY God, such a small world even in internet)

    Actually I also don’t know if I’m wrong to expose her cos that makes me feel like “xiao ren” or “mrs KPO”. Seriously, I don’t know why she did that? No sense of moral.

  13. Like this also got ah? So childish!!! Don't know how to write, she should not write.. copy pulak! *sigh*

  14. jason,
    Lol! Its just another blogging milestone eh? ;)

    Wah! You on holiday still can comment ar. Maybe Jason should put in his post "SAHM Bloggers War It Out - Two SAHM Bloggers get cheap thrill from cheapo copyblogger." Hahaha.

    I would be shocked, dismayed and disappointed if I found out that any of the blogs I regularly visit has done what she did and would ask why too. I don't think you were being KPO as anyone else probably would have done the same thing. Ah... now that you have mentioned it, I think I know whose header she copied. It looks rather familiar. The blogosphere is big but I think the networking is fine enough to be discovered if you do regular copying.

  15. geetha,
    Like dat oso can. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

  16. i go and screw her oredi.

  17. Ah Pek,
    Alamak! I see you then only I remember that I miss your pantun these days because I haven't updated my bloglines subscription to your new house ler!

  18. The site is down already. I actually found out that she not only use one but many of Maria's icon. What a shame.

    I remembered once I copied something from Shoppingmum's post and forgotten to give credit (being new that time) and she found out, felt bad. Haha...don't mean to copy lah, just find it's quite similar to my thought so pinjam abit loh. LOL

  19. Wah some ppl soo daring one ar..

  20. HAH.... SO MANY ICONS some more! *boohoohoo...* copy one or two mah enough lor, why so many? took me few days to created wan leh, kanasai... I want to find someone hack her site!!!

    MG, I not on holiday, but my blog lar... LOL... I am very busy recently lar. butt his woman come kacau, tsk!

  21. aiyah, too late lar, cannot access her blog now.
    Guess she is under stress now..

  22. adoi! such a mental case!!

    I guess it's late afternoon now. Cant access her blog anymore.

  23. Hi you all,
    Its not too late. I found another cache of her blog on MSN search. Here is the link http://cc.msnscache.com/cache.aspx?q=3404245228429&lang=en-MY&mkt=en-MY&FORM=CVRE

    Scroll right down to the bottom and you will see that she even copied the post I wrote for my hubby for our anniversary and put her wedding pic in the post. I think I want to cry! See? Thats my post here:

  24. I received her e-mail apologised on what she did.

    I don't know, I don't feel like forgive her, but... I don't want to carry this kind of people for so long also.

    just hope never "see" her anymore.

    teruk, something so personal also wan to steal.

  25. Well, I didn't receive any apology and I'm spooked big time!

  26. Wah, I can see that how angry you are now. So personal post also being copied. I thought she's apologize to you too since she has done so to Twinsmom. Hhmmm... what does she finds it similar to you, she only got 1 girl, while you've got a girl and a boy. All your personal and uniqueness experiences being claim to be as hers.

  27. I think it's just spooky, Mumsgather. Likey ou own life being stolen. You have my sympathies, sorry.


  28. Hi,

    I would like to say a BIG SINCERE SORRY TO YOU! I knew my actions were so unforgiven. Please accept my sincere apologies to you.

    I sincerely hope that you could remove those link or cache from your post. I’m truly SORRY! After all the issues, I do feel remorseful but my girl is innocent. And I also felt that you shouldn’t go to the extend by displaying my picture with my girl of my blog on this post of your. Please do spare a thought for my girl privacy.

    Hope you could remove those links and cache. A million thanks to you! Last, I’m so sorry again!

  29. Really shameless.. copying word by word.. don't even bother to take the idea and rewrite it.

    Boy.. THIS REMINDS ME THAT THERE REALLY ARE weirdos out there in blogsphere!

  30. Wa lau a...got pple like that??? What's her purpose. I mean if she copied one that's about parenthood on something, maybe still can figure out. But copying something personal like what you wrote to your hubby, what the hell is she thinking? Ooops, I think she got no brains one lah...that's why. Cannot think, that's why cannot write, and then must copy!

  31. I am reading your latest update, it is down right scary, spooky, and creepy.

    No, she HAVE to explain why she did this. this cannot be forgive and forget with a few simply sorry.

    No, this is just not right!

  32. I am speechless to see such outright glaring plagiarism. I can feel the pain of MG as some of her most inner thoughts are being hijacked and used so blatantly. I am disgusted.

    I think she owe you an explanation on why she did that. Like maria@twinsmom above, I think a simple sorry is not enough.

  33. To Evelyn,
    YOU who do not know the meaning of privacy is now asking for it?????
    How absurd!
    Spare a thought for your girl??

    Did you spare a thought for MG and Twinsmom when you violated their privacy by plagiarising the posts that are personal to them???

    Don't blog if you dont know how to write. You are despicable!

  34. Hey.. MG,
    Sorry to hear about all these. It was really unethical of her to do that..! i would be really upset too.
    Hope things get straighten out .. real soon.

  35. evelyn,
    First, lets get one thing straight. I did not post any of your pics or your daughter's pic in this post although I could easily have done what you did, ie copy from your flicker account and paste. Since you have deleted the photos yourself, her identity is safe as it no longer appears in any of the links or the cache pages. We do respect your daughter's privacy you know, although you didn't respect ours.

    Secondly, can you please tell me WHY? Why did you take my conversations with my girl and pretend that they were YOUR conversations with your dd? Why did you pretend that the songs my hubby sang to my girl was sung to yours? Why did you talk about my wedding like it was YOURS? WHY? WHY? WHY? How come you even copied such mundane things like the plumber coming to my home?! I could perhaps understand it if you took those general ones like the toddler's favourite folder but things like conversations and wedding ceremony are so personal and special to me only. What actually possessed you to copy them? WHY?! I hope you can explain to me as I feel so saddened by your actions.

    zara's mama,
    Makes me think twice about blogging on.

    I don't understand it myself and still feel violated and spooked. :(

    I dunno what to say anymore......

    I don't think her sorry is even very sincere. I think she suddenly just got cold feet and worried about the photos she posted. Sigh. But still, I've got to give her the benefit of doubt.

    king's wife,
    You said whats in my mind.

    mama bok,
    I guess they have been straighted out since she has removed her blog. Thats not how I would have preferred it though. I don't want to drive anyone to remove their blog. Just remove my posts and any others and give me an explanation why. That is all. I believe that most of us bloggers are really nice ppl who are usually here to support each other and lend a helping hand/ear or encouragement. No one is out to condemn her. We just want to know why someone would do such a strange thing. And it is strange isn't it? Taking someone else's personal life/diary and pretending that its yours? I can't get over it. :(

  36. You definitely have my sympathy! I could understand how you felt. Anyway, why she did that, nobody will know except her. However, (just my view only) since she had really apologised her mistakes, just let things dissolve….no point pursue this matter furthermore. She had taken down her blog, and I bet she must be feeling guilty toward her acts.

    I simply sympathy her daughter! Btw, no offence here! I felt some of your bloggers’s words toward her are too harsh. She really got her deserve and even apologised here, so should let this matter rest.

    Last, you really have my sympathy! Don't let this issues stop you for blogging. You take care.

  37. Poor thing! I can comprehend how you’re feeling now. You shouldn’t let this issue stop you from writing. You have my support!

    Maybe you should just let this issue closed. No point keep having grudge against this subject and her. She had learnt her lesson and you shouldn’t let this unpleasant incident trouble you.

    Stay cool! Keep writing!You have my support!

  38. anon & anon,
    No, I don't hold a grudge against her and I consider the matter over even if she doesn't explain why. As for your blogging on, thank you for the support. Its for reasons such as these that I don't put any names or photos on my blog and prefer to blog anonymously. Sigh! Even then my privacy can be infringed upon so maybe have to think harder about the wisdom of blogging. Hubby does not support it anyway and will probably freak out and say "I told you so. Why don't you just stop blogging" Sigh again. Dunno lah! So Sien!

  39. Wau! I never thought someone would do such a thing! I am still new to this blog atmosphere, so i am really shock when I read this!

    Writing a personal blog is very personal. I can't think of a reason why someone would just 'copy and paste' like that as those events were not their own experience.

    I trully sympathise you you, MG.

  40. Have not been blog hopping these few days and so when I went into ur blog ... WUAH LAU EH! So happening! Really made me shudder. And made me have second thoughts of blogging. Didn't expect dat blogging can be so DANGEROUS!

    We really don't know who is reading and what they can do to our blogs. As such, there's totally no safety at all. I really enjoyed blogging but after some negative opinions I don't feel safe blogging now.

    *better not allow Pappy read this else my ears will be very busy again*

  41. Guess I was here too late to read and miss it all. Anyway, mumsgather, i know she is in the wrong, hey look at the bright side, your post are so good that someone wanna copy. So don't feel so sad.You should be proud of your writings.

  42. yup, I guess I too missed all the action. MG, they say immitation is the highest form of flattery but I guess this copycat is more like single, white female...definitely don't need one of those. :)

    On the other hand, I pity the copycat. Is her life so awful that she must resort to copying other people's memories and experiences? Makes one ponder eh? Btw, you're a fantastic writer and this incident endorses that fact. :)

  43. Hi all,
    Drama over, case closed. Time to forget it and move on, right?

  44. I really admired your courageous!
    You really deserves to call the BIG PERSON!
    You didn’t hold grudge against that “Copycat” and even accept her apologies.
    A thumb up for YOU!

  45. Okay, I'm slow in this. In comparison, her swiping of my illustration didn't seem so bad afterall. But still, I was quite upset that she claimed she had created the illustration, when clearly it wasn't.

    It's a shame that there will always be bloggers around to "swipe" content or images. But like what I mentioned in my blog, it must mean your stuff is good, that's why people want to copy. ;)

  46. Yes, its a shame isn't it? And there was a section on her blog which proclaimed "Every Little Bits & Pieces is proudly created by Evelyn Poh. Copyright 2005." Its bad enough to copy something quietly but to copy and proudly call it your own is another thing altogether isn't it? Oh well, lets just hope she learned her lesson and won't do it again. It hurts to have my posts stolen like that!

  47. Aiyo, I really missed out on the actionlah. That said, keep up with the blogging coz if you don't, lots of us will miss your blog. Don't let idiots who can't write for their own blog stop you from doing what you love :)

  48. I didn't log on for days, and now I got this creep reading this post!!! I can't imagine this is happenning, it's really scary to steal your post and act like it's hers. Too bad I was too late to read her blog, if not, I'll SCOLD her gao gao...
    Gee, there're really weirdos out there huh?

  49. Chey...I missed this too. But good also 'cos I sure hentam kau-kau on your behalf. OK, not going to say more since you considered matter closed.

  50. immomsdaughter,
    I won't.

    I'm not sure if she's a weirdo but what she did certainly strikes me as weird.

    Ya lor, I almost emailed you to ask for your assistance at first. :P

  51. MG, I was on confinement and busy for so long. Now only log in and check... This is so creepy. DH has been unhappy about me blogging. If he finds out this case, he is going to nag me. I'm thinking the same like you, whether to continue blog or not - you just dunno what kind of wierdo out there and what would they do?!!

  52. hi,

    i surf into your blog once in a while, but because of 5xmom's recent post on this matter, I am aghast at the audacity of this "blogger". I don't understand why she can't use her own experience to blog on.

    just too wierd!

  53. mott,
    Its beyond our comprehension isn't it why anyone would want to copy personal stuff? I mean if it was recipes or kids crafts that was being copied it wouldn't be so creepy.


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