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Friday, June 30, 2006

Paper Plate Craft

Young kid's crafts are really very easy to do and the kids love them. With resourceful ideas easily available on the internet, it takes very little time to do some fun crafts with/for the kids to enjoy. All you need to do is stock some craft materials at home like coloured pens, glitter glue, coloured paper and the very versatile paper plate.

Here's a paper plate craft which we did recently. Its a smiling octupus. The craft idea was sourced from here. You can print out some templates for the eyes and ribbons. With no printer at home, I improvised by drawing in the eyes and mouth myself and using silver paper for the ribbons and tie from an old used party mask.

This blue one with the ribbon on top is for my girl (she insisted on blue since its her favourite colour and baby had pink instead so theres no gender stereotyping here. Hehe.)

This pink one (looks like red here) is for my boy. Its wearing a tie. "Like when daddy goes to work" says my girl.

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