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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kid's Craft: Cheap Homemade Bookmarks

My girl loves to read. One day we introduced her to the bookmark. We told her she could insert the bookmark into the page where she stopped reading and come back to it later. She was delighted and immediately wanted to buy some bookmarks. (As soon as kids learn to speak, one of the first few words they master is the word "Buy!")

The bookmarks at the shop cost about RM1.50 to RM3.00 each. So cheapskate mummy decided to get her to make her own homemade bookmarks instead. Besides, it makes another easy activity to do with the kids.

And so making bookmarks became yet another activity for crafting time.

Here's what we used:

  1. Coloured paper. (No need to buy. Just look around the house for some old thick brochure or annual report or whatever)
  2. Scissors
  3. Ribbon or Thread
  4. Hole puncture
  5. Stickers (For an older child who is artistic and likes to draw, drawing or painting would be better, but I'm lazy so we used stickers)

Here's what we did:

  1. Cut out the coloured paper into various shapes and sizes (My girl wanted to make big square ones. She's not very conventional. Hehe.)
  2. Punch a hole at the top
  3. Thread a ribbon or coloured thread through the hole and tie them into place
  4. Decorate (in our case, we used stickers)

And voila! You've got yourself pretty bookmarks that your child will be proud to use since she/he made them herself/himself.

Total Cost: You can get a whole page of stickers for just RM1 at the pasar malam (night market). So our cost for more than a dozen kids bookmarks was around RM1-2. If you draw, the cost is negligible.

Total Time: Only a few minutes of quality time spent with the child which translates to lots of fun for him or her.

So now we're using the bookmarks for all her lesson books and story books and she feels even more proud of them because she made them herself.

The car and fish bookmarks are my boy's. The other's are my girl's.

Note: Making bookmarks are an easy to do activity for children but they're not only for kids. These bookmarks make great gifts for friends or sweethearts. Anything thats remotely "make your own" with your signature touch make great gifts because they're so personal. (even if they're very simple to make). Years ago, I made a dozen bookmarks for my boyfriend (then) husband (now) as a Valentine's Day gift, all full of lovey dovey messages and hearts aplenty but that feller hoh, donch know how to appreciate them, simply chuck them here and there. Chey! (He still has some of them but I don't think its because he treasures it, its simply because he doesn't know what to do with it or where to keep them! He even gave some of them to his girl to play with before she made her own. Chey!X2)


  1. Great bookmarks and ideas for the coming holidays. Thanks Mumsgather for doing all the 'research' for us....at least for me.

  2. Thanks for the idea. My girl saw the picture and immediately said she wanted to do also. :D

    Agreed that anything homemade add a personal touch to it. Just taught my girl to make birthday card for her ku ma. :D Wanted her to experience the fun of posting it, but too lazy la. :P will do hand deliver. HAHA

  3. Thanks for the idea. Will definately do some this weekend.

  4. haha..my No.1 saw this and shouted, STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. My boys also make their own bookmarks. Really good marks all of u made

  6. magictree,
    Usually I do lots of "research" on the net for ideas but this one my own idea ler. Hehe.

    Ah, you should get her to send it. They're so fascinated by the concept of sending and receiving letters at this age. If my girl receives something on an envelope with her name on it, she'd be beaming.

    Good. :)

    Hahaha. Mine is always trying to read over my shoulder too when I am online.

    And they're so simple to make too, yah?

  7. ahhh... so clever! You know MG, I used to read your blog and my girl is now still visiting the sites that you have listed in your side bar (which I have added to my favourite pages last time). I have added you to my link if you don't mind. I sure have lots to learn from you.

  8. Ya, agree, once kids master their speak, the most they say is BUY! My Jo would say BUY whenever he seeing something fancy from TV.

  9. Very, very nice. Great idea but I lazy lah...this is one of your 101 things which I don't have on my list! :) I wait for 'someone' to make and give them to me lor....hint, hint.....

  10. lil' joy,
    I thot you forgotten all about me liao. Anyway, here's the page I saved for my girl's favourite websites to share with yours. See? Good anot me, save you lots of work surfing for good sites. Hehe.

    Yah, mine knows I have no money. So they have learned to say "Daddy, BUY!" Lol!

    *Look right, look left* *whistling* (Don't get the hint. Hahaha).

  11. oh i love making bookmarks too when i was young..pressed flowers on the bookmark ;).

    my girl also learnt the magic word buy lately :P

  12. MG, yeah, my fav page, that is the page that I got from your side bar, which I daughter frequently go to. Thanks :) No... I no forget you one... hehe

  13. jazzmint,
    Scary hor, the word "Buy".

    lil' joy,
    Some of the links included on this page is on my sidebar but not this particular link. Its our personal page which I update for her whenever we discover new sites she likes. The link didn't work earlier. Here it is again. My Girls'Favourite Pages Let them explore on their own if they can. I'm sure your girls will enjoy them very much.

  14. We use dried and pressed flowers and glitter glue - great fun and not very expensive either. I try to teach my kids a little botany while we collect the flowers, I hope at least some of the names will stick...

    Great page, I bookmarked it to find new projects to do with my kids!


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