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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

5 Really Easy Cat Crafts For Kids

If you are a cat lover and a craft lover, then you will surely love these 5 really easy cat crafts that you can do with your little one. These cat theme crafts are an excellent activity for children on a rainy day spent indoors. These cat crafts are fun and don't require a lot of clean up afterwards. Purrrrr.....

1. How To Draw A Cat - Art For Kid's Hub video on How To Draw A Cat is so easy and the cat looks really cute too. The site is run by a father of three kids and he has got loads of other "How To Draw Tutorials" and other crafting ideas. I just love how he gets his kids to draw with him like in the video below. Surf over to the site if you prefer to see their tutorial on How To Draw A Cat Step By Step.

2. Valentine's Day Cat - This Valentine Heart Cat Craft For Kids is from Michelle of Crafty Morning. Sometimes the most simple of ideas have the best and results and this one certainly is. It is so simple, yet the results are amazing!

This Valentine's Heart Cat Is From Crafty Morning

3. Corner Cat Paper Bookmark - Here is another really super easy cat craft and the it is made even simpler because it comes in a free printable template with instructions! Kids can color in their cats to decorate. Template and instructions can be found on Books and Marks. 

This Cat Corner Bookmark is from Books and Marks

4. Japanese Lucky Cat Toilet Paper Craft - This one looks harder than it actually is because the hard part has been done for you. You don't have to draw the cat. It comes with instructions and a printable Cat template which you can print out and cut out. You can choose to print it in color or black and white for self coloring. We also love the story about the Japanese Maneki Neko that inspired this craft. 5 stars for this easy and fun cat craft from DLTK's Crafts For Kids.

This Japanese Maneki Neko Craft is from DLTK's Crafts For Kids

5. Cat In The Hat Paper Plate Craft - Finally, we found this cat in the hat paper plate craft idea from Kinder Doodles. There are no instructions but it looks simple and self explanatory. All you need are paper plates, pipe cleaners, colored construction paper and a little bit of creativity in drawing the cats.

This Cat In The Hat project is from Kinder Doodles

Did you like these cat crafts? If you do, say Meow!

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