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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Now Malaysian Students Can Learn Singapore Maths From The Comfort Of Their Home

Singapore Maths is well known all over the world for its effectiveness in teaching Math to kids. Many Malaysian parents choose to send their children for Singapore Math Enrichment classes. If you step into any bookshop today, you will see rows of Singapore Math syllabus books being sold. Singapore Math is also being taught in many private and international schools, while some parents teach Singapore Math to their kids at home using books they buy from the book shops or online.

Do you know that now there is another way Malaysian students can learn Singapore Maths at home? Yes, they can do so from the comfort of their homes! This is made possible by Matholia, an online portal for parents and kids to learn Math together. Parents and kids have separate admin dashboards where parents can monitor and track their child's progress.

We have an exclusive discount available right now from Matholia for our site members. Please login to get your discount codes. Your discount code entitles you to the following:
  • 50% discount off the annual subscription fee of US39.90 *
  • Free 14 day trial *
*Valid till 15 October only.
** Now extended till 31 October 2015!

As a registered member you will get:

Unlimited Access To.....
  • Learning, Practice and Review modules for Kindergarten and from Primary 1 up to Primary 6 Singapore Maths Levels
  • Syllabus-based games for all levels
  • Review and Individual Progress Tracking and Reporting for Parents for every child signed up
  • Personalized training and demonstration via skype should you require it
We tried out the portal ourselves. Here is our tutorial on how to redeem your free 14 day trial period to use this online interactive learning site for learning Singapore Math at home.

Matholia, the online portal for self taught Singapore Math is now available for Malaysian kids from kindergarten to Primary 6. Select the Malaysia flag to enter.

 Next, select the "Parents" tab to sign up as a parent. 

Next Step: Fill in your particulars and enter your coupon code (Select 1 year if you are claiming the discount for annual subscription. Skip/no need to select plan if you are claiming the 14 day free trial period. By default 1 year is selected)

You are almost done now. Just one more step. Follow the instructions to add your child as a user. Once you have done that you and your child will be able to login using the password you used when you sign up but you will have different administrative panels. If you have several children, you will be able to track all their progress and they will have their own admin panel. Each additional child is charged at 50% the standard subscription price.

That is all to it. Now you will have unlimited access to the site. Let us explore the site now. The screenshot you see below is the practice screen. As you can see all the topics are organized and categorized for easy retrieval and use.

The next step you can explore is the "Learn" Tab. Here you will see lessons organized according to syllabus topics. Almost all of the topics come with videos to enhance learning, just like in a classroom.

Next to the "Learn" tab is the "Play" tab where you will get access to syllabus-based games.

I skipped the "Review" tab because it is self-explanatory. Children get to review the lessons they learned here. Then we move on to the "Tools" tab where an interesting array of online Singapore Math syllabus tools are available for the learner. 

Finally, the last tab is called the "Reports" tab for parents or "Progress" tab for students where stars and marks are given to show the student's learning progress every step of the way from the beginning of the term till the end for subjects and graphically presented. There's no chart in mine because we haven't started learning. Notice the "Help" and "?" at the right hand side. You can request for help by message or email at any stage.

With access to so many tools, videos, games and learning modules, this portal is is useful for
  • homeschoolers searching for supplementary learning materials
  • public schools students and parents who wish to learn the Singapore Math syllabus on their own
  • those who are currently studying the Singapore Math syllabus and wish to have extra learning material. 

The project behind Matholia team are Mr Daniel William Cole (MICD, BSc, PGDE - Mr Cole has been involved in primary mathematics education for over 12 years. As a former mathematics Head of Department, Mr Cole has taught and authored books throughout South East Asia, including current MOE- approved textbooks and workbooks in Singapore, Brunei and Thailand.) & Assoc. Professor Dr Ng Swee Fong (PhD, MEd, BSc, DipEd, Dr Ng is an Associate Professor with the Mathematics Education academic group at the National Institute of Education, Singapore. Dr Ng works extensively with Singapore primary mathematics teachers including teaching and supervising at the masters and doctoral level. 
Dr Ng has a wealth of teaching experience having spent twenty years teaching upper secondary mathematics. She has also authored mathematics titles for Singapore and the region. 
Her general interest and research area is looking into ways in which to improve teaching and learning across the primary mathematics curriculum.) 

Members, remember to Login here to claim your coupon code.


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