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Friday, September 25, 2015

Math Games and Activities For Kids

If you are teaching kids math, read this post for some ideas for some math games and activities to make learning math fun for kids.

Kids can have fun with Math

Fun Math Games, Interesting Math Activities, Printable Math Games. There are many sites you can use to teach your kids math. I will review some of the ones I think are the best for teaching kids math in a fun manner.

Math need not be boring or hard. It can be fun. Make use of these resources to help your children learn math quickly and easily. They won't even realize they are learning.

Math Songs for Kids on YouTube - These math songs are sure to get kids tapping, singing and dancing along while they learn math.

One of the best way to learn anything is through songs. Somehow the retention and message gets through quickly especially if the song is fun and catchy and the child likes to listen to them over and over again. Repetition always helps retention. Kids learn fast through music and songs in a fun manner. Songs and music make learning math so much more fun!

Besides math songs on YouTube, here are some other fun online math resources for kids to learn math.

Cool Math 4 Kids
Cool Math for Kids age 3 through 12

This site is the place to go for Cool Math Games for kids from age 3 up to 12. There are so many math games here you won't have time to go through all of them! The games are suitable for pre-school children learning pre-algebra right up to grade school kids learning fractions.

You can also get free printable math flash cards here. With game titles like Snorzees, Civiballs 2, B-Cubed, Abducktion etc kids can definitely be assured of having fun while learning math. I like the Monster Mind Reader Math Game.

Cool Math
Cool Math Games for kids aged 13 to 100!

This is another site from the Cool Math Network of Websites. Suitable for kids aged 13 and up to 100, the math games are sure to keep kid coming back for more math.

Besides the games, you can get free Math Lessons, Math Practise, and have access to a Math Dictionary and other reference. It is a very nice and cool place for kids to learn Math.

There are many other interesting math sites in the Cool Math Network of websites. I especially Finance Freak, where teens and even adults can learn Money Math. I like this saying on the site "A fool and his moeny are soon parted.... Don't be a fool, be a freak!" hence the name, Cute tongue in cheek humour.

Learning Games For Kids .com
Printable Math Games for Kids

You can find plenty of Printable Math Games for kids on Learning Games For Kids .com

This site is very user friendly. The free online math games can be easily found according to different grades and levels, starting from Kindergarten Math, moving up to 1st Grade Math, 2nd Grade Math, 3rd Grade Math, 4th Grade math up to 5th Grade Math plus you can also find Addition Games, Subtraction Games, Multiplication Games and Division Games easily and quickly.

Primary Games .com
Telling the Time Games, Shape Games and More

This site called Primary Games .com was created by a teacher. I find the Math Games suitable for young children.

Here you will find games about telling the time, money games, shape games, and other puzzles like tangram and sudoku for young kids.

Kids Math Games Online .com
Math Puzzles, Memory Game, Logic Game, Problem Solving Games, Quizzes and more

Kid Math Games Online is another excellent resource for free Math Games and Activities. The popular games here include addition games, subtraction games, online Sudoku, online board games, probability, percentages, angles and more.

I like the free classic board games like checkers, chess, backgammon and dominoes as well as the evergreen logic games including mastermind, tic tac toe and rock paper scissors. These are classic games that all kids should know. Now they can learn it online interactively.

This site is yet another excellent resource for kids to learn math. Thumbs up for it!

Maths Zone of Woodlands Junior School
Interactive Maths Games and Activities From Woodlands Junior School Maths Zone

Woodlands Junior School, a primary school in England with students from 7 to 11 years, has a good educational site for children. It includes an Interactive Maths Zone for kids.

The Maths Zone is categorized into the following Maths Categories:

1. Number Skills
2. Shape and Space Skills
3. Data and Probability
4. Measure Skills
5. Maths Investigations

Besides These Online Math Games And Sites You Can Use the Abacus to teach Math - Mental Math is a useful lifelong skill

An abacus is a great way to teach mental math through visualization. Check out the 3 Online Chinese Abacus or Suan Pan from our earlier post.

You Can Also Teach Math with Board Games

You can use Board Games to teach kids about simple counting, addition and subtraction as they go back and forth the board or about counting money for games like Monopoly

The classic monopoly game is not just a game. It teaches kids about counting money and investing.

My kids who are 7 and 9 love to play monopoly. They love to buy and sell properties, build houses and collect taxes for properties or land that they own. As they throw the dice, they quickly learn addition, they learn to count fast when moving along the board. They learn to count and get the correct change when buying land etc. Board games like the monopoly is a great way of teaching kids about math without them even knowing it!

Tangrams - Tangram puzzles are great for teaching kids about shapes

The old ancient Chinese Puzzle called the Tangram has 7 pieces. Legend has it that an old Chinese man dropped a square tile and broke it into 7 pieces with straight sides.

A Chinese Tangram Puzzle is a good and fun way for teaching kids to recognize shapes and sizes. It also improves spatial reasoning.

Not only that, an adult will be captivated by the limitless possibilities you can create with these puzzles as well. Animals, objects and people of all shapes and sizes. This is a wonderful Math Game for kids.

Do you like Math?

Well, perhaps you will find Math fun after checking out some of the resources on this post.

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