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Monday, September 07, 2015

Mooncake Festival Craft Ideas For Kids

All about the Mid-autumn Festival - Digital Static Infographic
Courtesy of: Infographics.SG

Mooncake Festival or Mid Autumn Festival is on Sunday, September 27, 2015. Time to feast on some mooncakes.  Yummy. Yummy.

Do your kids like to eat mooncake? You can use the infographics above to explain about Mid Autumn Festival to your kids.

For those who like to do crafts with kids, here are some mooncake festival crafts for you to make at home.

1. Make colorful paper lanterns for moon cake festival. You can use brightly colored papers, nice oriental paper or get your child to decorate with gem stickers, glitters or other stickers. Here are the instructions on how to make this Chinese Paper Lantern.

2. Here is another variation to the Chinese Paper Lantern from Use Your Color Pencils. You can go here to find out the inspiration for this template and get the idea for this Chinese paper lantern template.

3. This is another fun craft for Mid Autumn Festival. A 2-D Lantern Display is pretty and easy to make too. Find out how to make this 2-D Lantern Craft from Skip To My Lou.

4. Make a lantern from recycled materials. This recycled paper lanterns are really cool looking and it glows too with real candles! You can find out how to make this recycled bottle lantern from Artsy Craftsy Mom.

5. Here is another recycled lantern idea. This one is made from empty glass jars. They look really amazing when lighted up and are really easy to make. Find out how to make this glass jar lantern as a moon cake festival activity for kids over at Picklebums.

Finally, here is a cute idea from from Andriana - a lovely fish and flower lantern. Thank you Andriana and her mummy for submitting this cute craft for our blog post. We give a thumbs up for her cute little paper fish lantern!

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