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Monday, September 28, 2015

UPSR 2016 New Format

Source: Portal Rasmi Peperiksaan
According to local Malaysia news the UPSR 2016 new format is out.

You can read some of the news from these sites:
SK students will now have to sit for 6 papers while SJKC/SJKT students will have to sit for 8 papers. The extra paper being English Paper 2. 

We managed to download the "Format Mata Pelajaran" but we weren't able to download the sample papers and got a "No Data Received" or "Failed-Network Error" message. However, after several attempts, we finally managed to download the BM paper.

First, note that different sample papers were given for Math and Science ie Matematik SK and Matematik SJKC plus Matematik SKJT. Similarly for Mata Pelajaran Sains, there were different sample papers but not for the language papers. Does that mean that all schools will be sitting for the same language papers now?

For UPSR 2016, every subject has 2 papers ie Paper 1 and Paper 2.

For Math and Science, both papers are 1 hour each.
For the languages BM, English, BC and BT there will also be two papers each too being Pemahaman and Penulisan. Both papers are 1 hour and 15 minutes each.

The significant difference is the Paper 1 (Pemahaman) for the language papers. 

We will analyse the BM paper we downloaded.

Whereas previously it used to be fully objective, now it is part objective and part subjective. Paper 1 (Pemahaman) will be split into two parts ie Bahagian A and Bahagian B. Bahagian A is 20 multiple questions with 1 mark each. 

Bahagian B of Paper 1 is the major difference. For Bahagian B of Paper 1, there will be 5 subjective questions which carry 30 marks overall. We had a look at the BM paper. It includes, fill in the blanks, matching, write the dialog based on picture, state the peribahasa with picture given. In addition, there are 2 petikans (passages) and 1 pantun (poem). About 4 subjective answers each are required at the end of the passages and poem.

Paper 2 is divided into 3 parts as before however the significant difference is in Part B &C.

Part A is "Bina Ayat" as before. Part B is new on "Ulasan". Part C is not on Nilai Murni as before. It is similar to the Part B of the old UPSR paper ie on essay writing. Two choices of questions to pick from.

In the sample paper the choices were...

1. Write a speech about the ways to respect a teacher. (Cara-cara menghormati guru)
2. Based on given lyrics of a song, write a story about the love of a mother. (Tulis cerita tentang kasih sayang seorang ibu)

In short, previously the Penulisan Paper was in the following format:
Part A = Bina Ayat
Part B = Karangan
Part C = Nilai Murni

In the new format, the Penulisan Paper is in the following format:
Part A = Bina Ayat
Part B = Ulasan
Part C = Karangan

We'll do an analysis of the other papers once we are able to download them. Stay tuned.


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