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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Simple Cross Stitch Projects For Kids

Cross Stitch Projects Are Excellent First Sewing Projects For Kids Because They Are Easy To Sew And The Results Are Lovely. This Post Talks About Some Simple Yet Adorable Cross Stitch For Children.

Simple Cross Stitch Projects For Kids

You can introduce young kids to crafting by teaching them the art of cross stitch. Even very young children can cross stitch. Here are some great cross stitch for kids sites and cross stitch patterns for kids and beginners.

My son did this "I Love You" cross stitch pillow in the picture when he was 6 years old in preschool.

Cross Stitch resources in this post are perfect for kids and adult beginners too. They are fun, colorful and most of them come with all cross stitch materials supplied. Also included are themed cross stitch kits for Christmas and Valentine's Day. A First Cross Stitch Kit Should Be Colorful And Come With Everything, Material, Embroidery Floss And Needles.

Cross Stitch Bookmarks are a good easy project which you can start your child on while a cute framed up Cross Stitch Will Surely Light Up Any Child's Room. Your child will feel proud of his needlework.

Tips for kids doing cross stitch

Start slow then build up to more complicated projects

I learned this mistake from my kids. My boy had come home with his own cross stitch project from preschool. It was made from one of those all-in-one cross stitch kit. My girl wanted one too but I didn't have a cross stitch kit. I took out a flower design from one of my cross stitch books which I thought looked rather easy. It was not!

My girl could not follow the instructions. She didn't know which way to sew and which way to cross. In the end, she got frustrated. The project also took too long. It is still sitting somewhere in our craft cupboard uncompleted.

It was a bunch of flowers with shading. I learned that for kids cross stitch projects you must start slowly, with basic stitches only, no shading or other stitches, just straightforward colors, not too many colors, and the pattern must be big and easy to follow.

Kids Counted Cross Stitch must be small enough to be completed in a few short sittings so that kids don't feel frustrated. If they can complete it within a few sittings, they will feel pride in their work and want to do more. Then, you can move on to more complicated cross stitch projects for kids.

In the picture, you will see a cross stitch bookmark that was done by my son at 7 years old. Kids can make cross stitch bookmarks, cross stitch magnets, cross stitch cards, little cross stitch pictures or have their cross stitch sewn onto their own clothing to make it more fun!

Fine Motor Skills

Young kids get a lot of practice with their fine motor skills when doing cross stitch. They also learn patience and it improves their attention span.

Free Online Charts for Beginners and Kids
from EMS Cross Stitch Academy

I just love the EMS Cross Stitch Academy. They have beautiful free Cross Stitch Patterns you can access for free. There are many lovely free Cross Stitch for beginners and kids here. The best part is the charts can either be viewed online step-by-step or downloaded if you prefer.

There are many "firsts" Cross Stitch designs and free Cross Stitch Patterns here. First bouquet, First Mother's Day, First Motif and First Christmas. They are easy to follow yet beautiful.

People Theme Cross Stitch Designs Are Fun As A Kids First Project. There are many themed projects you can start with.

Cross Stitch Patterns for kids should be.....

1. Big and Easy to follow
2. Contain basic stitches only
3. Have few colors
4. Can be finished quickly
5. Fun, funny and bright

How to Cross Stitch
DLTK's Crafts for Kids

DLTK's Crafts for Kids site has many free cross stitch patterns and projects for kids. They are great for any other beginner too, not only kids.

Plus, they have framing or display suggestions for your completed cross stitch, which I like.

A Robot Is A Good Subject For Boys To Sew. Yes, Boys Can Sew Too! Choose themes that boys will like including robots, cars, space etc.

Get kids creative using cross stitch

You can make cross stitch cards, cross stitch bookmarks, cross stitch fridge magnets and many other simple cross stitch projects with kids. Start small with easy projects before building up to more complicated ones.

Free Cross Stitch Designs for direct download
by Alita Designs

Alita Designs offers Free Cross Stitch Design for kids for direct download. You can find cross stitch patterns for bears, flowers, clowns, snowman, Santa and rabbits here.

Animal Themed Cross Stitch Make Good First Cross Stitch Subjects Or Projects For Boys And Girls.

The pride of completing a Cross Stitch Craft
Kids Cross Stitch projects should be small and easy enough to be completed within a few sittings otherwise kids get bored or frustrated.

Big and Easy Cross Stitch Patterns designed just for kids
By Craft Designs for you

Craft Designs for you has easy and very big kids cross stitch patterns designed specially for children. The designs are big and easy to read using few colors of floss and only basic stitches. They are perfect for beginners.

At the site, you can also find some great tips for teaching kids how to do cross stitch.

A Teenager Just Starting Out Beginner's Cross Stitch Should Enjoy Rock Star Cross Stitch And Other Themes.

All in one Cross Stitch Kits

Many kids Cross Stitch Projects come in kits together with floss, material and frames and other stuff. These are great for the beginner who may not have ready Cross Stitch materials on hand and who may not require an entire floss of thread for small projects.

Children's First Cross Stitch Kit

Getting a Cross Stitch Kit is a great idea because it comes with everything you need for a small Cross Stitch Project for kids. Kids can make simple cross stitch projects like bookmarks, door hangers, fridge magnets and more.

Keep It Simple

Kids can do simple projects like Cross Stitch Bookmarks or Cross Stitch Magnets to keep them interested and allow them to complete a project quickly and easily.

Cross Stitch Magnet 

Cross Stitch Magnet Kits are a great starter Cross Stitch Set for Children doing Cross Stitch because they are easy to complete and the results are attractive and can be used to decorate a white board in a study room.

Bookmarks Are Lovely Projects For Kids

Kids can make simple projects like a bookmark as their first cross stitch project.
Remember to select simple designs that are easy to complete. There are many Cross Stitch Bookmark kits available. However, some of them may be more suitable for older kids or an adult beginner at Cross Stitch.

A Cross Stitch Bookmark Is Great For Beginners Of Any Age

Christmas Holidays and Season is a Good Time To Get Kids Started on Cross Stitching - Christmas Cross Stitch Projects For Kids

Doing crafts like cross stitch to get kids to celebrate and get in the mood for the holidays or festivities is a great idea. Not only will kids enjoy the new craft, they will also get into the spirit of things and feel the holiday mood.
Sewing a cross stitch Christmas tree ornament is a very easy project for Cross Stitch beginners and make a nice decoration for Christmas. Kids will feel very proud of stitching one.

Cross Stitch Mini Projects for Kids

Festive Projects for Kids

With kids, you want to keep projects mini. It is very important to start kids off with a small age appropriate project.

Kids get frustrated quickly and they quickly lose their attention spans and interest if the project is too hard to complete.

Festive projects is a nice mini project for kids. It gets them excited about the celebration and it keeps them involve to make something for the house or as a gift.

For example as Christmas approaches,  this is a good time to start kids off with a mini Cross Stitch Project with a Christmas theme.

They can sew a Cross Stitch Mini Christmas Ornament or a Cross Stitch Stocking if it is simple enough.

These fun Christmas mini cross stitch kits are cheap, easy to do and will look great as Christmas tree ornaments.

Kids can have fun sewing Santa, snowman, gingerbread house and mini nativity scenes using simple counted cross stitch kits with a Christmas theme.

If You Are Planning To Have An Activity For A Playgroup, Then Get A Set Of Simple But Matching Cross Stitch Design For Kids To Sew Together. It will be fun for the group and make the reluctant ones more excited about their cross stitch project.

Cross Stitch Christmas Ornaments are usually easy to do. You can find many simple designs for beginners and children. As a Christmas craft project, you can get your child to sew a Christmas Ornament Cross stitch and hang them up on the Christmas tree, one for each child or one for each year.

Valentine's Day Cross Stitch Project For Kids and Beginners - I Love You - Valentine's Day Cross Stitch Projects

Another good time to start kids on cross stitching is during Valentine's Day. Kids can sew easy cross stitch designs for Valentine's Day and other holidays and celebrations. Just remember to pick, simple and easy designers that can be completed quickly before they lose interest in the project.

A Simple Heart Design Cross Stitch Is Just Right For A Valentine's Day Project and very easy to do.

Simple Cross Stitch with Quotes
Cross Stitch with Quotes on Them - Kids Quotes Cross Stitch Design is extremely easy and can be done in no time. Sew a simple quote, add a simple design, then frame it up. They are  great for a kids room decor.

Kids Cross Stitch Project For Girls
- My 1st Stitch Counted Mini Cross Stitch Kit with sweet colors and designs are excellent for little girls.

When choosing Cross Stitch Project For Girls, select those with a girly theme and with cute adorable cartoons with sweet colors in pink, purple and other bright colored floss. Flowers also make good themes for little girls.

Have fun stitching!


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