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Friday, September 04, 2015

Free Printable - 55 Nilai Murni Translated From BM To English

Nilai Murni or Moral Values. I first came across this term when my child was in Standard Three during primary school. I thought that moral values or nilai murni was something that was only taught in moral lessons or pendidikan moral. However, Nilai Murni features heavily in the teaching of Bahasa Malaysia in our primary schools syllabus and carries on into secondary schools as well. In fact, there is a whole section on it in the UPSR paper 2.

At this point of writing, it is still included in the upcoming UPSR on 8 September 2015. However the format may change next year. Even then, although the format may be changed, you probably can't run away from learning Nilai Murni as part of the curriculum for Bahasa Malaysia in schools. It is very much a part of our syllabus. My form 1 girl still learns a lot of Nilai Murni in her school work.
When my girl first learned Nilai Murni in Std 3, we were totally lost. The terms used were new to us and there was a lot to learn. So at the time, I came up with my own BM to English translation for some of the common Nilai Murni. There aren't that many materials or books with BM to English translation so I hope this will be useful to parents.

I have made it into a printable to share with members of my Facebook group and website. This 55 Nilai Murni Translated From BM To English printable is exclusively for our members only.*

We're not offering them free to the public because our hard work had been stolen many times before in the past. Many of the articles we took time to research and write were copied on other sites. Why even our entire blog had been plagiarized before! Sadly, there is a lot of copying going on online. People feel it is all right  to copy materials, articles, photos, pictures etc by another writer or illustrator. It is not! Please respect the hard work of others by not copying. You may print this for your own personal  use but not post it on another site and pass it off as your own.

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