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Thursday, September 03, 2015

Buying Toys For Siblings To Share

Siblings snatching iPad to Play Clash Of Clans
When you have more than one child, how do you make sure you are fair to all your children? How do you teach them to share?

Here are some tips for parents with more than one child when buying gifts for siblings to share. These tips were compiled from the sharing by parents of our Facebook group, The Malaysia Primary And Secondary Parents On Facebook Group.

  • Buy one toy only for siblings to share but take turns to make sure each sibling gets the new toy
  • Make sure the younger one does not always get recycled toys from the elder siblings
  • Buy gender specific toys and explain to siblings of the other gender that they too will have their turn
  • Buy toys only during special occasion like birthdays and Christmas when only one or all will receive
  • Sometimes buy toys to share, sometimes buy toys individually
  • Buy different toys for each, then get everyone to share and play together or exchange to play
  • Make sure every sibling gets the chance to feel special too when receiving toys
  • Buy toys according to age if  the age gap is wide
  • Buy a variety of toys and get everyone to share. There's no 'yours' or 'mine' but 'ours'


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