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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Different Roles

Today MG is taking a break from blogging. Here's a blog from toddler instead. (OK ok lah, I confess. I'm blogging on behalf of toddler).

My mummy is for warmth and comfort. My daddy is for fun and play.

I love my daddy because he can....

  • carry me high high on his shoulder
  • feed me ice cream, chocolate and other goodies when mummy is not looking
  • swing me high high on the swing at the park
  • teach me to climb, hop and skip on one leg
  • tickle me till I'm breathless and can't stop laughing
  • sing funny songs

I love my mummy because she can...

  • read to me and tell me great stories
  • scratch and pat my back when I'm sleepy
  • kiss my boo boos (pain) away
  • bathe me without getting water in my eyes
  • makes good food for me and baby (MG: "Sure or not?")
  • sing nice lullabies


  1. LOL...feel so good to read this...:)

  2. Nay....I am sure if toddler really writes this, the list is going to be sooooo long, full of even more praises. Cheers!

  3. Nice to see you blog again or rather toddler.LOL

  4. Hahaha! "LAM SEI" MG liao loh~!

  5. bkworm, :-)

    twinsmom, you know how its like too.

    5Xmom, not sure of that as her current favourite sentence is "I don't like"

    thquah, I cheated. Thats 1 of 3 old drafts which I had not yet published :P but thank you for keeping your comments coming. I need the comic relief to overcome that great big monster called "FEAR!"

    Jason, :)

  6. great to read your blogs again! i missed you, la...

  7. That's so sweet!!! Toddler is one lucky girl!! :)

  8. Yeah bb & toddler so lucky to get such loving mom & dad!

  9. I like to be your daughter !!! You are a very good mother..see your toddler and baby also support this mommy wor.

  10. Simon, Really ah? Aiyoh...

    Eileen, A&A'smom, 1+2mom, y'all are hearing only one side of the story. The real toddler may tell you a different thing. Haha.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. hmm..I'm 2 in 1 now...so cham fatty too little time to play with SQ..and I..hehe..always not good in mummy part..cannot sing cannot tell story..:P

  13. Hey.. MG,
    Sorry.. pigu kicker was actually me.. i was helping him to post a blog.. and accidently did not sign out.. sorry.. sorry .. sorry.. :(

  14. wah...so loving ah.

    hehehe...glad to say me and hubby also have roles like that. We all must be doing something right, right, if our children feel so loved and safe?

  15. msau, kesian jadi 2in1!

    MrsT suddenly became Pigu Kicker. Hahaha!

    Along, live all parents we all try to do our best kan becos we sayang them.


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