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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Feelings, nothing more than feelings.....

Child psychologist: Around 2-3 years of age the child is just discovering a wide range of feelings and emotions but does not know how to express them appropriately. So it is the parents' job to teach the child about his feelings and how to express them.

MG: (While shopping one day) Hmmm... this Barney tape about feelings would be good to teach toddler about emotions so she won't throw so many temper tantrums. Lets buy it.

After watching the tape........

Toddler: Mummy! Pleeaaaze bring me the horse. Don't make me mad!

Toddler: Mummy, I don't want to eat the porridge. I don't want! Don't make me sad! I scold you.

MG: Stop whining. Behave yourself. Don't make mummy angry.

Toddler: Mummy happy? Happy, mummy! (Toddler always says this whenever she sees MG angry or sad because she wants to see mummy happy all the time)

MG: Ok.

Yikes! Anyone interested in a second hand Barney VCD?


  1. no more barney for my kids!!! they'll pester me everyday to watch it... sometimes i think that purple dinosaur is an evil genius...

  2. I hate Barney. I'm trying not to let Jesse have anything to do with Barney. Somehow, I think I will fail. For some reason, kids love Barney. *sigh*

  3. My little 15 month toddler is just beginning to like the purple dinosaur. I wouldn't mind being your dump for Barney tapes :)

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Hahah!! no barney's for chloe for sure now.. heheh!! convinced..!!

  6. barney..barney..wat is tat?? hehee..SQ have no chance to meet with barney ..coz mama donno wat is tat..

  7. no..no..not barney...NOOOOOO!!!!!

  8. Barney's a spawn of the devil, I tell you!

  9. Hello MG, sorry for not been around for some time. Actually nowadays i seldom have time to read blogs anymore. Just want to know how are you feeling recently, think it had been a couple of weeks missing all your post. Maybe should find time to update myself.

  10. she learnt well didn't she? LOL!

  11. ohh!My son dun like barney, so i house dun have any barney tape or toys..hehehe but he like Doraemon very much cause he can watch the VCD twice a day :)

  12. Simon, James, Atiza, MrsT, solb1 Kenobi, Wah! got so many Barney hate mail. Hehe. Actually the purple dino is not that bad lah. He actually taught toddler how to brush teeth, wash hands and clean up her own toys. I am guilty as charged of letting Barney become the babysitter at times but I do try to sit down and watch together with toddler so that I can "discuss" it with her during our bedtime chats just like the way us adults like to discuss about the movies we've watched, toddler loves to chat about the new songs she has learned and the new things she has seen.

    fishtail, If I give away her Barney tapes, toddlers gonna throw a big tantrum so I say only lah...

    msau, here he is. He is the purple one.

    mrkiasu, ya lah. I oso miss reading your blog becos not much time to read blogs these days. BTW, I still like your style of a pic for every blog cos a pic speaks volumes.

    momof2, too well!

    1+2mom, I think Mr MG likes to read Doraemon cartoons too. Khikhikhi.

  13. Yiyi don't like Barney, yeay!! LOL!
    I bought one for her, and after a few minutes, she went playing with her toy instead.

  14. MG, again! you saidall I want to say already, nothing to comment *sigh*, should stop play game and blog more, before MG say it all :P.

  15. Papi can save a lot of money. Hehe.

    twinsmom still busy playing game, thats why never update blog. Grrrrr..


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