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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Waiting Room

Recently MG has been in a number of waiting rooms. So very free lah and bored, kpc, observe ppl and blog about it. Hahaha.

Scene 1 - At the hospital waiting room

MG was pleased to see a young couple with a baby and toddler. It was such a loving family scene. The daddy fed the toddler dinner, while the mummy played with the baby. Then the daddy carried the baby, while the mummy chatted with the toddler and later the daddy played with the toddler while the mummy carried the baby around the waiting room. So heartwarming and quite a rare scene these days.

No, it was not MG's family. MG chickened out and left baby and toddler with relatives because had to do and hour long test plus wait for doctor, wait to make payment, wait, wait, wait, figured out that by the time it was our turn to see the doc, baby and toddler would be so restless we wouldn't be able to have any meaningful discussion with the doc.

Scene 2 - At the paeditrician

Young, pretty mama with baby and toddler. Pretty mama sat prettily on the chair while a maid sat beside toddler at the playing area and either mom/mom-in-law fed baby with a bottle beside her. Pretty mama did not have a hair out of place, like just came out of salon like dat crossing and shaking her pretty feet clad in pretty high heeled sandals. (Wah, got time to paint toe nails summore!) When her baby's name was called, mom/mil handed baby over to her and pretty mama walked cooly into the doc's room.

Sadly this scene is getting more common these days. Can't blame pretty mama. She's working, dad's not around to help (hubby got good excuse mah, got maid and mom/mil around) and thats the only way to cope. Hmm... if I were her though, I'd probably be playing with my kids while waiting.

Warning: This Scene written by one sour grape mama with pony tail and clad in shirt and slacks and flat soles so description may be a bit biased.

Scene 3 - At the bookshop

During the weekends, Mr and Mrs MG would get our weekly dose of bookshop browsing at the shopping malls. We'd take turns to watch the kids while the other goes for a quick browse. If the quick browse becomes too long, the other is often greeted with a "Oi! How come so long!"

At the bookshop we often see sour faced, unhappy looking maids sitting with their young charges. Sometimes sour faced maid would be chasing their young charges around with a desperate look on their faces. Yah I sometimes get that desperate look too when toddler becomes uncontrollable but the difference is I am licensed to scold and smack toddler when the situation calls for it whereas sour faced maid often does not have that authority to discipline and the child knows it! No wonder the maids run away.

Sadly this scene is VERY common these days. Go to any shopping mall or supermarket and you will get to see sour faced maid following a family around.

Whats become of us? How come our parents could cope with more kids and less conveniences? I wonder how my mom coped and why I sometimes just sometimes can even be caught thinking that a sour faced maid would help? Hmm.. shame on me!


  1. "I am licensed to scold and smack toddler .. whereas sour faced maid often does not have that authority." Worse, some women think they have the authority to scold and smack the maid! You're right, no wonder the maids run away.

  2. Truly, I never think of hire a maid ler..coz I'm poor lah..hehe..and I wonder could I act like my mama who bring up 6 monster without a maid lor..

    eee...maybe I'm too early to say liketat..hehe..now only 1 child, of coz say like tat lah..hehe

  3. sad, they dunno what they are missing, and what sort of a life their poor kiddos are having. afraid there's no turning back the materialistic and "me, myself and I" culture. Oh, puhleez, who are they trying to impress on high heels when they should be carrying their own children instead?

  4. actually, we were there before, when we had a maid, paeds visits was with my mom and maid and daddy was nowhere around. Naughty Belacan. Not nice feeling, even I ask, where is the husband and father? But happy to say now, no maid liao and daddy B with us whenever we go out :)

  5. Another sour grape popping by. LOL! Agree with Mrs B. Get a maid and the man will be running around doing things he fancies. That's what 5xdad told me. 'You can go shopping grocery alone with kids, you can go park alone with kids, I hire maid for you liao mah, what for I (5xdad) go along wor?'

  6. Some people relies to much on the maid, until the kid also 'glued' to the maid rather than own father/mother.

  7. Frankly, even if I can afford I wouldn't want a maid if I can do without one! Cause that's like looking after another kid! I never let MIL's maid handle my children; too many horror stories heard over the years I guess!

  8. welcome to the sour grape club LOL...
    ppl mistook me as maid leh, I look like malay and just wear t-shirt and jean playing happily with the girls, they apologised after found out I'm their mother, and said: "seldom see mother play with the kids now a day."
    never want to talk about this wan, becos being mistook I was maid wor, so no face! now no more, I go facial and wear high heel go gai-gai.

  9. I still don't see the rational of not having a maid. Maybe I'm still young and don't have a family of my own.
    We always had a maid at home, be it to look after me when I was young or just the day kinda maid who cleans and goes.
    My sister has chosen not to have a maid although she has a toddler to look after. She, like mrs b thinks that with a maid her husband won't be around that often. But I see her running around, cleaning the house and cooking all by herself...is it really worth it to put yourself through so much just because you want your husband to be around more?

    I always tell my mum that my hands are not to wash the toilets. They are to sign important documents and write. I sound pompous but I see myself getting a maid (a live in one) when I have a family of my own (assuming that I can afford it of course)

  10. Hey.. MG,
    i too wonder how our parents cope with so many.. and me.. i cannot even cope with one.. hahah!! if not for my spouse and MIL.. i can die ah..!!
    Got one time hor.. i say.. hire a maid.. my MIL kinda upset lah.. coz' she come help so much.. and i still wanna hire a maid.. hahhahah!! bad, bad DIL..!!

  11. fishtail, I'm just generalising of course. There are those who treat the maids like family only to find they run away too due to their own agendas.

    msau, ya. once no.2 comes along, you will find yourself very much more busy.

    mrsB, 5Xmom, Its true the father is more involved when there is no maid. Even Mr MG admits that he would do much less if we had a maid. Convenient mah.

    Papi, thats sad.

    momof2, yah horror stories:happy stories ratio is 90:10.

    twinsmom, Hahaha. Luckily never happen to me before.

    Cherry, There is a joy and satisfaction in keeping house yourself and even more so in child rearing. It does not make sense to me to have a child only to pay someone else to look after my kid.

    MrsT, good DIL what. If you hire a maid you will be taking the load off MIL.

  12. That's why we are still holding on to no-maid policy. We need the babysitter during office hour but for the rest of time, it is all on us...challenging but to me it is just rewarding

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  14. Cherry: my friend's hubby once commented, if you had a dog and you pass it to your mom to care of, is it still your dog or your mom's? Make sense? although, my baby is still with babysitter :(

  15. Hey.. MG,
    Ang moh sure donch think that way leh.. :(

  16. i will try my best to avoid having maid in future. cant say much until the 2nd one arrive kan. i'm not the one who is comfortable of having a maid (read: stranger) in the house.

  17. mama22beas, working, two kids, and preggy summore no maid. Admire. admire.

    mrsT, some angmoh celup oso think like angmoh.

    Hazel, Yah privacy very important to us too.

  18. We've had maid for more than 20 years although my mom's a SAHM. Kakak stays at home to do the cleaning and hardly follows us out. Even when we went to the clinic, my mom was the one with us.. kakak never followed.

    My dad never followed my mom for check ups when she was pregnant. He was at the office most of the time.

    The advantage of having a kakak? My brother picked up Malay at tender age. I picked up Thai from my Thai kakaks.

  19. Now i got no maid liao so i can spend more time with my twins. Cause my son very stick to me till dun let me play with my girls but now no maid so he cant said let kakak see mei mei :P
    My hubby sure will goes with us when toddler or girls need to see doctor cause i have no car so no one can fetch us go.
    When every weekend he sure will bring us go shopping but now no maid we can feel more like family liao. I like this feeling.

  20. Hi Eileen, Your mum is wonderful. Remember her on mum's day soon. :)Thats what maids are for, to look after the housework so we have time for our families but some leave the looking after of families to the maid as well!

    1+2mom, Yah, I like it too. Every weekend we do our groceries together, all the 4 of us. Its very nice family time. Sometimes, I think Mr MG is better than me at doing groceries. He gets all the things we need in record time whereas I am slow coach. Hehe.


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