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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Innocence and Simplemindedness of a Child

Conversation with toddler in the toilet.

MG: "After going to toilet, we must flush and wash our hands."

Toddler: "Mummy, I want to do." (Toddler wanted to flush the toilet)

Toddler: (*press press press* on the lever which was rather hard for her and a little bit "rosak" (not working properly))

MG: "Come, let mummy help you." (*press press press* the flush a few times before it worked)

Toddler: "Mummy, got no battery." (referring to the flush)

Can you tell we have a lot of toys that run on batteries at home? Thats why we have rechargeable batteries. Otherwise, bankrupt liao!


  1. yalor..now most of the toys r run on batteries wan..tung long oso same..haii..no more fire to play liao..:P..but safe laa...

  2. LOL...logic what...
    MG: "yar wor...no batteries wor...you eat more lor, you eat more lor, eat more shit more, then the toilet bowl mah have batteries lor..."

  3. Thank God for batteries. Jesse had this wind-up musical box. We loved it until we realised how much we had to run up and down winding it up. *sigh*

    Thank God for batteries.

  4. Hahaha! Your toddler is so cute! :P Sighz, and that reminds me I need to charge my rechargeble mouse again. :) Ini manyak kuat makan power.

  5. you know what, my daughter says the same thing!!! Except her version is "got no battery already!"

  6. lol maybe flushers in future would have batteries.. who knows!

  7. hahha... children are sooooo innocent. They never fail to amaze me. :)

  8. LOL!! my son say the same thing when the thing not working he said "no more battery" or "spoil liao lor"

  9. msau, tanglung still must have fire only chi kik but must wait until the kids older first loh but those battery tanglung music damn irritating!

    wei twinsmom, my flush no battery you summore ask me to eat more and pansai more! You ah!

    James, make that Thank God for Rechargeable batteries.

    Jason, Aiyoh, got rechargeable mouse summore!

    MrsT, I'm sure you'll enjoy many cute moments like this with Chloe too.

    Simon, 1+2mom, how come your flush oso not working well ah???

    Munkit, I wait for you to invent but you pay for the batteries okie?

    Eileen, yah the things the say really crack me up sometimes.

  10. till Amir knows how to speak, meantime we are gonna hear us saying those words. haha

  11. Toys nowadays are so high tech ... last time i only have a few toys with batery operating.

  12. Now chewren play computer games oredi ler. Got gunbound, neopet...

  13. just wondering how u r doing.(^_^)

  14. Hi MG. Glad you are well. Kids are just about the best things one can have when one is feeling down and out... It's impossible to sit around and mope when I have a 6 yr old asking questions incessantly and a 1 yr old crawling all over the place digging his tubby little finger into every single crevice around the room and poking at black, sometimes moving specks on the floor!! :D Makes one look at life at a whole new perspective...

    Back on the subject of batteries, I gave up on getting battery-operated toys and opted for those that require them to use their creativity, ie. plastic containers and wooden spoons!! Later I'll introduce '5-stones' to my girl (she'll have to sew the 5 little bags and fill it up with rice herself of course!)...

    BTW, where did you get the cute graphics of baby stuff (those located on the right of your blog)? So adorable..

  15. Hazel, What words?

    Carol, auntie's time worse.

    Alphonso, no gunbound neopet for toddler...for now.

    Ginnie, I'm ok thanks.

    KC, the graphics are from GranGran, the link is right there at the bottom of my sidebar along with the other credits.

  16. MG, those words = "eh, benda ni dah abis bateri la.." hehehe


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