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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Taken for Granted

I feel taken for granted.
No one cares about me
Especially when things are going well
I am often relegated to the back burner and forgotten
Hah! If not for me, your life would not even be the way it is now
You would not be enjoying the things you are doing right this moment
So why do you ignore me? I can never understand it
Wake up! Stop taking me for granted.

MG: Ok, ok health. Don't merajuk. I know I have not been taking care of you very well. The only time I worried about you was the two times I was pregnant. Other than that, sorry lah. I won't ignore you anymore. I will take good care of you from now on ok? So please, please, don't lah merajuk. I need you to be good.


  1. Yeah, I am terribly, terribly guilty of that. I took care of my looks more than my health! Thanks for the witty reminder, MG. Abuden, I dunno where to start..... (lame excuse)

  2. EPO enough or not?

  3. y i ignore self health but put attention on fatty & SQ's healthy ler? haii...self wan oso forgot wan..:p..sorry 2..

  4. how very apt... ;)

  5. LOL...I always take good care of the girls and twinsdad's wan, really forgot my own wan, thanks for reminding me.

  6. Hi Ladies, thats the problem with us mums. Our health is often neglected. Our excuse? Lack of time. However, we are the ones who need to look after our health most of all because we need to look after our families, right? Hehehe. MG got big scare and health wakeup call cos "brain merajuk" so now lecturing everyone! All, please make sure you get enough sleep, eat well, exercise and go for annual check-ups. Don't talk only yah? Do it!

  7. yep, the std plane advise, put on your own oxygen mask before fixing your child's, so far only remember to feed self before baby so she can get enough b/milk. Otherwise, its everybody else in the family first.

  8. its hard to be a mom kan. thanks for the reminder MG. once kita dah sakit, satu rumah boleh jadik tunggang terbalik.

  9. Old saying from my mum,GOOD HEALTH IS WEALTH.That's the only thing she wants now and nothing else.btw my mum is very healthy and, goes for her morning walks every morning.

  10. MrsB, "so far only remember to feed self before baby so she can get enough b/milk" - sometimes I even forget to do that.

    Hazel, "once kita dah sakit, satu rumah boleh jadik tunggang terbalik" - and summore pass around like merry go round like dat.

    thquah, I just love to watch the elderLY folks going for morning/evening walks.


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