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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Important Conversation

Toddler looking very important like she is carrying on a very important conversation and using some big, big words that she knows.

Toddler: "I think yada yada yada because yada yada yada something else yada yada yada animals yada yada yada..." (Yada is in replacement of some giberish language toddler used which only she can understand!)

MG: "Hmm, yes, really ah?" (Pretending to listen. Adults sometimes have this bad habit of not really listening to the child because we have so many things on our minds. Its bad because the child feels that what they say is very important to them. Imagine how you would feel if you spoke to your spouse and he/she wasn't really listening. Wouldn't you be annoyed too?)

Toddler: "Mummy, I'm talking to you!" (Toddler is not stupid, she can sense that MG was not really listening)

Toddler: "I think yada yada yada because yada yada yada something else yada yada yada animals yada yada yada..."

MG: Muahahahahaha (couldn't help breaking into laughter after really "hearing" toddler)

Toddler: "Not funny!" (looking extremely annoyed!)

which only made MG laugh even harder but I did apologize for laughing and tried to have a real conversation with her after that which was what she wanted very much.

As much as she likes to pretend to be having an important conversation, toddler likes to pretend to read as well. She would open up a book, point to the words as she goes along. Not sure why but her stories often include the words "mummy hug hug", "mummy sayang" in them. Hahaha. Funny girl.


  1. MG: So much for the joy of motherhood er??

  2. Yikes, I am going to face that in a few short months. Right now, my toddler fav. is to trap me in the bedroom, with aircon on. I am not suppose to do anything else but lying in bed. *sigh*

  3. oo..toddler take turn to nagging mummy liao ahh? hehe..so clever girl ler..pretend wat she learnt ahh..

  4. at 9mths, Amir loves to flip thru newspapers, mags etc. I dont know whether he's pretending to read or what. hahaha. but i can picture how cute your toddler is =)

  5. Kids are adorable, aren't they? I thought we're going to have 4, now with the 3rd on the way, I'm thinking of 5, I may change my mind again...*sigh*

  6. Sometime i also dunno what my son talking about, but i just nod my head pretend listen know what he said :P
    Your girls same age and month with my son izzit in May?? What date ?? My boy is on 2nd, his birthday coming soon. We planning do something in his birthday, but not yet know.

  7. Mystic, this IS the joy of motherhood.

    MrsT, Jason :D

    5XMom, time to have a word with ATM about a laptop, then you can lock yourself in cool aircond room and still have something to do loh. Hehe.

    msau, Oh yes, she's the great pretender...

    Hazel, Wah Amir only 9 months and reading papers adi. Haha. I can imagine how cute he must look.

    mama22beas, 5 sounds like a good number. Hahaha.

    1+2mom, Yah my girl will be 3 this May. Is your boy turning 3 too?

  8. Definitely the joy of parenthood - I'll be so proud and happy to see my kid behave like tat! (ok, long way more. gf pun tarak, yet)

  9. last nite, before we tucked in, Suzanne walked over to my side of the bed and sat down to have a real conversation. all i could get was "sammi", "house", "133", "aunty ting"... that's all!

  10. Kids say the darnest things, don't they? And they are so lovable when they catch you by surprise like that :)

  11. Narrowband, you got a new look! Cute puppy you got there :D

    Belachan, Haha. Cute Suzanne

    bkworm, yah. I decided to record some of them here for keepsakes. :D

  12. yea.My boy turning 3 this 2nd of may. How about your daughter?


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