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Friday, April 29, 2005

Men: The Weaker Sex - When It Comes To Needles

Recently my nephew had his tooth extracted and my sis was relating to me how he shivered and his voice shook in fear saying "No! No! I'm scared!" (He's 18 by the way) when the dentist was about to inject the painkiller. Similarly, she told us that her second son's face would often turn white and once he fainted when he was about to get an injection in school for some immunisation program.

Upon hearing this Mr MG quickly agreed that men has a lower threshold of pain (afterall ladies are made to stand labor pain, he argues) and is thus more afraid of needles than ladies. Is that right? Mr MG acts like a baby when he is about to get a shot. (Sorry darling. Hehe) Luckily he hasn't fainted yet but his face does get paler and he acts a bit nervous compared to MG who is often cool as a cucumber when it comes to injections.

I have (so far) not much problems facing the needle. And being the fine person that I am, I have fine veins too, so often if the injection is to draw blood (those bloodsuckers!) they'd have to try at least 3 times before they get it right!

I wonder, does everyone agree that men are more afraid of needles than women or does it just run in my family????

BTW, Happy Labour's Day to everyone (mums included even those not working in the office as we know it).


  1. My bunch here all tak takut wan. My atm is a blood donor, very cool about it. My kids semua kena IV antibiotics, sap sap sui. My #2 recently went for root canal and he went in the dentist clinic on his own, I sendiri chicken out. Give excuse that toddler can damage dentist's equipment and I cabut outside, jalan-jalan. Eventhough dentist said I can sit in.

  2. Heheh!! lucky my spouse not afraid.. i know coz' i gotta needle myself.. i'm diabetic ma.. so he would sometimes for fun also needle to show me.. that it's easy peasy.. hahah!! i take like 5mins or more to do it myself.. but if someone do it for me.. i not afraid lah.. ;)

  3. Me ?needles no problem. Also a blood donor. As for my family all are Ok regarding the needle issue. On the dentist issue, I have always take my kids to the dentist like every 6months for checkup,etc. So I think they are immune already .LOL

  4. Where got! I have donated blood for 7 times ler. And I dun remember I cried because of injection, ok? :P

  5. I oso donno fatty scare or not wor..maybe he is..exp when I request him to go blood donation...must got many excuse wan..

  6. i'm not sure abt Mr Hazel. but then, when i was in labor room, he was all the way, accompanying me.. when the doc offered him to have a look at amir's head (still tak keluar lagi time tu), i could see how relaxed he was. dont know la whether control macho or what but later, he confessed that he cant tahan the smell of blood.

  7. My dad avoids going to see a doctor even, to avoid needles.
    The sad thing is, he acts all super macho and jokes around when he is getting an injection, but is actually all nervous inside.

  8. needle? i dunthink both of my parents scare bout it lar... hehe...

    erm...happy labour day for all mum?? hahha..it will not be a labour day for my mom..too bad...she have to do her work... only mothers day is her labour day...

  9. 5Xmom, I kenot imagine you chicken out. Hehe.

    MrsT, Good thing your spouse not afraid.

    thQuah, Wah you very good lah.

    Jason, so many blood donors around. Good. Good.

    msau, why don't you ask him?

    Hazel, Ya lah, Mr MG said he takut pengsan buden during the caesarean he looked at my insides pulak. Now he literally knows me inside out. Yiii.....

    hsin, typical macho dad, hard and strong outside, jelly inside. hehe..

    Milly, moms don't even have labour day on mothers day wan... we takde annual leave or sick leave as well.

  10. Haiyo, labor day is the same for me woh, cause i never work yet.

  11. Agreed with MG..hehehee..
    I have no problem with needles too but my BF is so scared. Imagine that he doesn't want to go for blood test because of the needle.. * he didn't admit it, but i knew * hohohohooo...

  12. Mr Kiasu, you everyday Labor Day, good lah.

    Carol, * he didn't admit it, but i knew * Haha. Yah sked but wan to appear Macho (*wink*) in front of gf.


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