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Thursday, April 14, 2005


I think one of the best things to give a child is a sibling (thats just my personal view. Some are happy to have just one child and thats fine too if everyone in the family is happy with that).

When the second one comes along, the whole family dynamics changes dramatically. Toddler has to learn to adjust from being the only one to become a sibling. With a sibling of course comes sibling rivalry and love too.

Its funny how everytime someone wants to pick baby up, toddler would appear magically before the outstretched arms. She would take away baby's toys away from him, push him and tell him to go away but at the same time she loves her little baby brother too.

One day when no one was watching, I saw that she had accidentally hit baby's head with a rattle she was trying to give/snatch (not sure which) from him. She quickly reached down to kiss his head and said "Sorry. Sorry." She also likes to play "mummy" and tuck baby under his blankets and pat him softly on his back when he is sleepy.

Now if only I can provide a little sister for her too. I love my sisters, one 5 years and the other 8 years older than me. I think they're great. Better than any girlfriend and our sisterly relationship will last until the ends of our days.


  1. I don't remember being jealous because my sis came along. I was the only child for 4 years btw. But we hardly got along for god knows what reasons. Thank god we're best of friends now. I guess distance makes the heart grows fonder in this case. :)

  2. yeap..I agreed with best thing for child is sibling..I sometimes kesian to look at my nephew who is the only son..always play alone, eat alone..like very de lonely wan...

    and maybe sibling are the only person share ur feeling of childhood at the same time...

  3. Yea, Suzanne was lost for a week after baby was born, she looked so forlorn. But now, she is a great sis to Su Anne. The other day, she pointed to my tummy and asked to listen to the baby, she wanted another sibling! Its such a joy to see them together, isnt it?

  4. i've asked my youngest nephew if he would like a younger brother. He said,"No..I don't want to have a younger brother. later Mummy and Papa dun love me anymore. They will love the young one."

    My cousin laughed. Kids.,

  5. Sisters - Hmm...I wasn't very close to them probably because of huge age gap and characters lor. As for having siblings, yes, my kids enjoyed each other companies and the best thing is none of them have any siblings jealousy. They fight but not bcos of jealousy. In fact, sometimes, I will pull their legs. One will ask me why I bought something for the other and I will tell them, Bcos I love him more mah....They know I am joking and laugh along. Maybe because I openly talked to them about jealousy. Like if the sibling is younger, he needs more attention, just like when the other was smaller etc.

  6. You never fail to induce that "heart-warming" effect in me lah. All ur recent posts like dat one!! Makes me picture myself 7 - 10 years down the road, how'll i be and stuff.

    I've two cousins (girl being about 5 years old, her lil brother about 2 - i THINK!), and the elder one very sayang and protective of her bro one. Similar to your children, all these kids are oh-so-heart-melting!

  7. Err, I got 2 younger sister. My parents do not choose love and most of the time, I am the one being least showered with love. Yeah, only once in a while, come in with one big chunk of love and then quiet for some time. :P Unlike my 1st sis, who gets constant love from my dad. But dunno why, me and my 1st sis dislike the youngest one. She's just very the annoying and irritating. She is the person least people favored I guess.

  8. Most of the time, my two girls are the bestest friends, other times they are sworn enemies...also not because of jealousy but they always decided to have the same toy at the same time, for example.
    We we at a restaurants, a staff took Bea2 to one corner to play to let me eat in peace, without Bea1 knowing it. Realising her sis was not there, she went hysterical...cried at the top of her lung, and walked around to look for her sis. It really amazed us...I remember that incident vividly and will relate it to both of them over and over.
    As for myself, I love being in a big family and have 5 sisters and 5 bros.

  9. LOL! my son just like your daughter. When he accidently hit his mei mei he will sayang her head and say sorry to her :P
    Because of the sibling so i decided to have baby earlier and dunwan the age gap so far, then they will more close to each other.

  10. Eileen, we sisters used to fight too when we were younger for reasons I cannot quite remember now but like you and your sis we're best of friends when we became older and wiser? Hehe.

    msau, ya lor, got sibling to share your childhood very nice. How many bros/sis do you have?

    MrsB, How sweet of Suzanne. She is experienced sibling by now. :D Toddler wouldn't eat for a whole week when baby came altho she was very involved throughout. She even came and slept in the hospital room with me after the delivery. (She and Mr MG slept on a mattress on the floor becos we didn't have anyone to look after her but that meant that she wouldn't feel left out at all).

    Frostier, Haha. Your nephew so smart, can give reason summore.

    5Xmom, wah so good your children can play with and take care of each other giving you more free time. Heheh.

    Narrowband, thanks for the nice words. You've made my day, especially since I am brooding over the MRI test I have to do next week at the hospital.

    Aiyoh Jason, kesian your youngest sis. Eh you only son what sure sayang wan, maybe sayang but you know lah us M'sians not very vocal or showy with our love.

    mama22beas, its nice to see them being the bestest of friends. Wah your family so big. Shioknya. My bro-in-law has 6 sis and 6 bros so when my sister showed me their family photo...wow! theres about 100+ members and every year growing...

    1+2mom, I decided to have them close together not becos of their age gap but becos of my age! :P

  11. When i was a child, how i wish i was the only child.Juz for the reasons, Mum & dad can each hold a hand of mine when we go shopping & no need to share love/things with other siblings.Hehe..

    But, as time goes by, i feel i'm much luckier than my frens who r only child.I enjoy my elder sis's companion.We always have so much to talk & share.Now, even worse.We study in different places, have holidays at different time, thus seldom meet each other.But, when we meet, we can talk the whole day long, til 4a.m. and mum will have to come to our room & ask us to stop talking and sleep.Sometimes, we do quarrel too.But, our cold war will definitely last not more than 15 minutes.My bro will always time for us & laugh at our so-called "cold-war".
    As for my younger bro, we (sis & i)love him a lot althou sometimes do feel jealous of him.But, nowadays, mum & dad say we pamper him more than they do.

  12. my mother very good production wan..hehe..ngam ngam 1/2 dozen..can play 3 by 3 volleyball liao..

  13. we decided to have #2 because we didn't want to have our girl to be alone when we leave the world.. No matter what, siblings are still your closest family even though they are not close. I'm not close to my 2 sisters, but I know I can count on them in the event of any family emergencies. In a moment of philosophical clarity, we decided to have another child, and lo and behold our son was conceived!

    Anyhow, my girl is very good with her brother (they are 5 yrs apart) - she helps me look after him (most of the time) and he is very happy to see her when she comes home from school. Hopefully they can maintain this harmonious relationship!

  14. Hey.. MG,
    My sister was always on rivalry with me.. for reasons unknown to me.. ! She gets jealous all the time.. and that makes me think twice.. if we should ever have siblings.
    I donch discourage it of course... but from past personal experience.. havig a sibling.. if not brought up properly like us.. my sister and i .... can create alot of heartache.. and conflict. Just my 2 cents worth.

  15. teo, you sound like you come from a warm family :D

    msau, wow! you come from a volleyball team.

    kc, "In a moment of philosophical clarity, we decided to have another child, and lo and behold our son was conceived!"
    Haha. Cute. yah, it is our hope as parents that our children will stay close as siblings.

    mrsT, I know of siblings who don't speak to each other and thats really sad but when you have a close sibling, its really nice.

  16. MG, sibling relationship is a love and hate relationship, one minute they laugh together, next minute the fight like no tomolo, but I am always glad the girlshave each other, becos I have a very lonely childhood (my sister B was with nanny, earthtone in Singapore), all I can remember about my childhoos was play alone, sleep alone, drawing alone, lonely....

  17. Yah, love/hate relationship, thats what it is. Your girls look happy together in their photos. Its nice they have each other.

  18. true. kids tends to fight and forget abt the dispute overnight.

    Adults fight over materialistic stuff and forgotten how they grew up as siblings. Sharing the ups and downs.

  19. frostier, when adults fight too bad they can't forget their disputes overnight.


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