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Friday, April 22, 2005

What's the time?

Toddler can read numbers so she can tell the time on a digital clock but not on the real clock yet as she is still learning the concept of time.

MG: "Sweetie, can you tell mummy the time?"

Toddler: (Toddler runs to the digital alarm clock)

Toddler: "One, one, buttons, zero, six." (11:06)

MG: "Ha ha. Very good. Thats Eleven Zero Six (11:06) sweetie." (The "buttons" was what made MG laugh)

A moment later.......

Toddler: "Mummy, Eleven Zero Seven (11:07)."

Smart Toddler. MG beaming with pride.


  1. Fuh seh~! Potential engineer. :D

  2. Hahahha. Buttons. I wonder how that came about. :)

  3. so nice ler..MC, now u have a remote clock reporter liao..just ask & get will the answer liao..hehe..

  4. must get digital clock... ;)

  5. *sigh* my girl call the clock "lock", then asked where is the mouse when I try to tell time.

  6. Jason, all babies are potential engineers and little scientists. They're sooo cute when they are learning and they actually scan when they look around.

    James, look at a digital alarm clock with a child's mind and you will see some magical buttons or what looks like buttons appear in between the hour and minutes. Heh heh.

    msau, ya lor. now I have special "remote" to tell the time, turn off the lights and fan in my room which is within toddler's reach. I even have a "remote" to bring my remote for the TV etc to me. Sei lor, getting lazy and fat summore now got little helper lagi lazeeeeeeee.

    belachan, those radio clock is the best, can listen to radio summore.

    twinsmom, why mouse? (*scratch head*)

  7. so, what is the next lesson you are going to give after this?

  8. my son just understand ABC til Z only but not yet know the wording :P about the number he just know to say 1 to 10 but dunno the wording yet :P
    Your girl so claver :) MG sure put alot of effort on it hor.

  9. Hickly, dickly dock!
    the mouse ran up the clock!
    the clock strike one the mouse ran down,
    hickly, dickly dock!

  10. haha... can i noe ur daughetr how many month aredi?? i stil remeber, wheni three years old, my mum let me learn the clock concept..n it's really frustrated( i say out on behalf of my mom) becos i not tat as clever as my brother, abit slow learner...so everytime my mom teach me, she will end up with rotan or end up wif my crying face.. 1 day my mom can't bear the stupidness of me... so she pass it to my dad becos i more attach to dad..n dad was the 1 pampered me alot..keke... at the end stil like tat.... so learn n learn...until 4 n a half years old..i able to tell out the time...but sumtimes stil got some silly mistake like when is 8.45, i will say is 9.45..commen mistake...until 5 years old..my dad gave a mickey mouse watch as my present... haha..really a funny story bout the clock..!! so i thinku have ot start teach ur gal lor..

  11. So smart of toddler..!! and rightfully a proud mom.. :) I would be.. if chloe can do that. ;)

  12. Mango, no lessons lah, just go with the flow. Toddler usually lets me know when she is ready for a new thing by expressing great interest in it.

    1+2mom, toddler can say A-Z and count from 1-20. I didn't teach her lah, Elmo on the PC taught one. Haha.

    twinsmom, hahaha so farneee....

    Milly, toddler going to be 3 years old next month but no hurry lah. I am sure she will know how to tell time by the time she goes to college. Hehe.

    MrsT, I am sure Chloe will learn fast with such a loving mum like you. :D


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