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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What I remember of mum

In my previous post, magictree left a comment that my poem sounded like a tribute to children instead of to mums. Hahaha. Well, I don't have a mum or mom in law to write a tribute to and it would be very strange to write a tribute to myself, thats why. Anyway, without our children, we would not be mums.

My own mum left me due to cancer when I was 10. I'm afraid I don't remember very much of her. Most of what I can remember, revolves around the kitchen and other household chores. So my greatest fear is for my children not to remember me if I should have to leave them early as my mum did.

In fact, I've told hubby, "If I die when the kids are still young, you can remarry again but you better make sure my children don't forget about me or else I'll come back and haunt you and your new wife." Hahaha. Ok. Ok. I'm exagerating. I said something to that effect but not so harshly.

In addition to my earlier post "Memories of mum", I want to record down some other memories which I missed out then:
  • helping mum beat/whip butter, castor sugar, floor and eggs in a big bowl (she loved to bake and we had a round electrical oven for that purpose)
  • watching mum admire herself in the mirror and putting cream on her face
  • helping mum wash the dishes. We did that sitting on stools on the floor (too) in a big and flat round pail with a hose running down from the tap
  • being rotan by mum
  • watching mum becoming sick

Well, it looks like I better go and do more things together with my children if I want them to remember me!

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  1. touching...things that we all take for granted.
    Guess we should appreciate our mums more, and our kids should also appreciate us more! :)

  2. I am lucky to have my mom and dad walk with my growth till now, but I never take thing for granted, not like when I was young. I didn't realised how my mom love me until I got married and have kids, thanks goodness not too late to know :).

  3. Don't worry, you'll live a long and fruitful life.

  4. Sorry about your mom but thanks for your words of wisdom! When I first discover your blog, I find that you are always able to look at 'positive' things around each situation...I really do learn a lot from you!!!

  5. Sorry bout your mum.. but she will love it that are fondly remembering her in your heart :)

    I think we appreciate our mums more now, that we are mothers..

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  6. king's wife,
    You are right, we take these things for granted because they are things we do without even thinking about them but its the very things that memories are made of.

    Good for you. You know how I feel about this. Its one of the first few things I had to write about when I started blogging and every mother's day, I will surely think about it. :P

    I hope so too but one can't be too sure. Last year I had a health scare which has left me with more questions than answers.

    And I used to be such a negative person. Hahaha. I think sticking around with hubby really helped. He's one of the most positive person I know.

    "I think we appreciate our mums more now, that we are mothers.. "
    Thats very true. Its the circle of life.

  7. Ei...you so good hor, tell ur hubby early early if you die, he can remarry. I only tell hubby. If I die, make sure my kids dun get abuse by ur gf.

  8. don't worry so much on the future... cherish the present is much better :)

    Happy Mother's Day!

  9. I only learn to appreciate my mum more after i became a mother myself..

    Thanks for sharing your loving memories of your mum, makes me cherish and treasure my mum more..:)

  10. My mum died of cancer last year. I was celebrating my own Mother's Day here in Singapore with my hubby and daughter last year..Didn't expect that would be my mum' s last Mother's Day. I should have gone back to celebrate it with her. I called her on Mother's Day and sent her a card. Didn't know she got cancer then...and she passed away two months later.

    My hubby and I had similar conversation..if I die, he won't remarry...coz he doesn't want his little princess to be abused by the stepmum.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  11. allyfeel,
    Kesian mah. The man still needs a wife to sayang him and the children needs a mum. So I tell him he must choose carefully, only someone who will be a good mum can qualify. Hahaha. As for him and from what I understand from him, some of his male friends more worried that any new husbands will abuse any epf or other monies left behind for the children.

    You are right. You are right. It is always important to cherish the present. :)

    Yes, even now (going to be 40 this year) I still wish I have the mum I never knew. I wish I had a mum on my wedding day to fuss over me and I wish that I had a mum to tell me what to do when I became a mum myself. Everything that I learned about caring for babies came from the internet! :P

    I'm sorry to hear about your mother.

  12. I can't recall the teeny-weeny of pieces of my mom's memory most of the time, i only remember that's once i stood in front of the gate and asked my maternal grandmother when would my mother come back to me? That's time my mother went to Taiwan to have an operation.

    My mother is a weak woman, but i'm so thankful to God for protecting my parents,siblings and my own family all the time.

  13. And snap lots of photos with them..

    You have a blog though.. it'll be something very good to remember by.. :)


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