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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What I remember of mum

In my previous post, magictree left a comment that my poem sounded like a tribute to children instead of to mums. Hahaha. Well, I don't have a mum or mom in law to write a tribute to and it would be very strange to write a tribute to myself, thats why. Anyway, without our children, we would not be mums.

My own mum left me due to cancer when I was 10. I'm afraid I don't remember very much of her. Most of what I can remember, revolves around the kitchen and other household chores. So my greatest fear is for my children not to remember me if I should have to leave them early as my mum did.

In fact, I've told hubby, "If I die when the kids are still young, you can remarry again but you better make sure my children don't forget about me or else I'll come back and haunt you and your new wife." Hahaha. Ok. Ok. I'm exagerating. I said something to that effect but not so harshly.

In addition to my earlier post "Memories of mum", I want to record down some other memories which I missed out then:
  • helping mum beat/whip butter, castor sugar, floor and eggs in a big bowl (she loved to bake and we had a round electrical oven for that purpose)
  • watching mum admire herself in the mirror and putting cream on her face
  • helping mum wash the dishes. We did that sitting on stools on the floor (too) in a big and flat round pail with a hose running down from the tap
  • being rotan by mum
  • watching mum becoming sick

Well, it looks like I better go and do more things together with my children if I want them to remember me!

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