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Monday, May 08, 2006

Whats in my handbag = Who Am I?

This is a woman's handbag content meme from Lilian. She said "Duh, I know it is very silly but it says a lot about us, ya?" How true. I read some of the memes and from the content of their handbags, I found King's wife to be a hoarder, 5xmom a colourful personality and Scb a party animal. (Please continue to pray for Scb who has been readmitted to the ICU).

I seldom respond to tags but since my handbag requires some cleanup anyway......here goes.

  1. What’s the regular handbag you carry?
    Plain, boring, ole classic, timeless, elegant, evergreen black. I have just one bag. (not one lipstick ok Lilian? Haha.) Gift from hubby. Choice was his too. I don't really like the design but I remember we went to shop for it together and I was so fussy and could not find any after several hours and places, in the end, I agreed to what he picked! Hmm.... this makes me feel like posting another topic "Does Your Spouse Rule What You Wear?"

  2. What’s inside?
  • handphone
  • keys
  • baby comb
  • 2 pens
  • 1 notebook
  • tissues
  • wallet (black as well)
  • double lipstick holder and mirror
  • Popular book shop voucher
  • San Francisco Steakhouse Value Set Lunch menu
  • 3 lipsticks and a lipgloss (Colours? Toasted nut, sandal wood, mango sorbet) I'm an earthy person. I love nudes, neutrals and other natural colours like these.

Now, if I didn't know me, I'd say that this MG woman is very conservative and boring just looking at her bag and its contents. So now you know me through my handbag. Time for me to know you better......

  1. Maria
  2. Blurblur
  3. Jomel
  4. Elaine
  5. Bkworm

To the 5 above, ignore this tag if you feel like ignoring it. And to anyone else who has to cleanup handbag like me or who don't mind sharing your personality through your handbags, consider yourself tagged!

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