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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

When is mooncake festival 2006?

Sadly, when my mum died, so then did my knowledge of all things cultural. Mum was no longer around to celebrate the events and explain them firsthand to me. All that I knew came from reading, not experience.

Each time there is an upcoming cultural event or celebration, I would first know about it when I see the food associated with the event being sold at the malls. Then, I would "celebrate" by eating the food. Thats all there is to it. So sad isn't it?

Well, I've started seeing mooncakes being sold at the malls. So my next question is "When is mooncake festival in 2006?" A quick search tells me it falls on 6th October in the year 2006.

That means its almost time to get the kiddoes some lanterns to play with and get the customary mooncake to "makan" on 6th October. The mooncakes are getting more and more expensive and taste less and less like mooncakes every year. Now thats a sad thing too.

The kids are still young so batttery operated lanterns seems safer but why can't someone make them without the annoyingly loud and lousy music? Must remember to buy some masking tape to mask out the sound. Last year I managed to find a little Hello Kitty one the size of a palm and minus the music 'cos its so small. Its adorable and my girl loved it. Hope they sell them again this year.


  1. Thanks for reminding me about the date! I better get my boy a lantern this year, it's his first lantern, so I hope I can have an owl lantern for him.

  2. yup....but the best lantern is the paper type square, oval, round....reminds me of old time

  3. I still prefer paper type, more traditional and nicer than those battery type.
    Buy some and decorate at your house porch, sure your kids love it.

  4. My husband prefer "milo tin" type lantern. Made by his father, can last FOREVER!!! Hahaha...

  5. shoppingmum,
    An owl one? Does he like owls?

    pengkitrik makanan,
    Yes, I like the old ones too but they burn easily.

    Takdak porch ler.

    "milo tin" type? Sorry blur lah. Never seen one of those.

  6. I wonder why the mooncake booths have to setup now since it's still long long way to 6/10.

  7. yah, nowadays mooncakes are becoming more like cakes. I saw Tai Thong selling pineapple blueberry!! *roll eyes*

  8. Yup, the mooncakes are getting really expensive. I remember those old days when one mooncake costs less than RM2-50 - now it's RM9/RM10 for one! But I am still eating them and feeling the pinch at the same time.

  9. You didn't keep her last year's lantern?

    I hate those Wong Fei Hoong music that comes with those more traditional battery operated lantern as well.

  10. MG, you've made me crave for mooncakes now. The ones here are very expensive and not as nice.
    Reading the comments, I just realised that my kids have never carried a lantern.
    Hello Kitty for your daughter? In pink? Kids these days really 'ho-miah' and battery operated some more!! :)

  11. but, but..what is mooncake festival w/o the real paper lanterns? I think my folks still kept my old lanterns. I used to have all sorts and my favourite were the dragon and goldfish. Do they even make those anymore (not the plastic type)? Do you wanna get yummy mooncakes? Email me la, I know where to buy homemade ones.

  12. Hey MG...thanks for the info..I too did not know when the Lantern fstival was *blush* hehe....
    well, it will be fun for the kids!
    Hey, all the best in losing weight!! I've still got 7 kgs to go!! :(
    I hope I make it! Yeah, don't need slimming centers..need STRONG WILLPOWER! hhaa..
    YOu take good care!

  13. Yes the music from the battery lantern is soooo annoying..especially the 'Wong Fei Hong' make me headache, I still keep my boy lantern from last 2 years, it still in good condition, a little goldfish (candle light lantern).

  14. asleylee,
    They set up now to make more money mah.

    Yah, and then there are the ice-cream ones and durian and green tea ones and even one called the "Italian mooncake"!

    Yah lor. Its almost RM1 a bite.

    zara's mama,
    Sudah rosak. Accept for the mini hello kitty one which is so tiny I can't find the battery and the light doesn't work that well now.

    How much to they cost there?

    Oh yes, they still have the old fashion paper and plastic ones which I prefer but since the kids are still young, its harder for them to handle as they burn easily.

    You must share your exercise regime. Hehe.

    adrian & alvan,
    Apart from the "Wong Fei Hong" they also have those loud funky music which drives me nuts! Wah, you boy's goldfish candle light lantern is still intact after 2 years. Thats excellent! :)

  15. What i'm annoyed is why do they have to put 'happy birthday' music on the battery operated lantern? So silly.

  16. Last time I looked (2 seasons ago) cos I was in Malaysia last season, it was something like £20 for a tin of 4 but I can't remember if it was one yolk or plain. Bo ho chia one lah! :(

  17. Queen,
    A happy birthday song?!!!! Silly indeed.

    Price aside, whats most important was whether it was hociak rite anot? We should learn to bake them ourselves.

  18. I was wondering when Mooncake festival is myself coz I can't wait to eat those mooncakes. Mmmmmm...I especially love those snowskin ones but you are right! They taste less and less like mooncake these days. Last year I tried a Tiramisu flavored mooncake just for the fun of it. This year, I think not. And they are not cheap too. I spend at least RM50 a year on mooncakes.
    Anyway, just buy the good ol fashion paper lanterns laaa. I know they're harder to handle but they are quiet...Tak tahan laa hear the musical ones! I swear I don't know what I'll do if I hear another O oh oh oh you're my little butterfly or whatever horrible music they are using these days...

  19. jujugtpie,
    Yah, yah, I can't stand it too and besides the paper ones look much prettier.

  20. The Tai Thongs and rivals will tell you when is Mooncake Festival. It started before the Hungry Ghost Festival :)

  21. pablopabla,
    Lol! You are right. Nowadays they start earlier and earlier too.

  22. har?! Mooncake festival is still more then a month away?! so long ar?! *SIGH* am craving for those overseas one d..but can't get it yet.. *SIGH*


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