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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sex Education

Recently, while I was changing my boy, he started pulling at his private parts when it was exposed after I removed the diaper. I suppose it must have felt itchy so he was relieved to have it exposed for a while. Haha. My Girl was nearby and this was what she said:

My Girl: Mummy, look, baby is pulling his backside. He looks so funny!

MG: Hahaha.

My Girl: Mummy, why baby got tail there, I don't have?

MG: Haha. Thats because he is a boy and you are a girl. That is why.

My Girl: Daddy got tail also.

MG: Hahahahaha.

Looks like its time for some sex education starting with the explanation of different body parts for different genders. Lol! (In fact I have explained it to her before and informed her of the proper names to the body parts but I think she must have forgotten. Proabably I did not emphasize it strongly enough afraid that she would go around shouting it at public places. You know how children are.)

Zara calls it hairy pineapple. To my girl, it looks like a tail. Lol! Any other funny descriptions to share?


  1. how come no kids mentioned it looks like a banana? LOL!

  2. Balitong....or "siput sedut" for baby boys or Ku Ku Chiau (ku ku bird)

  3. my girl always know it's call the BIRDIE. :D My boy has got a habit of playing with his birdie, and my girl will always say "mummy, look, didi playing with birdie again!!" :O

    I think is time to get your kids the book called " Bird, bee and kids" :D

  4. A penis is nothing but a penis. I don't talk baby language with my kids. But I know it's kinda cute sometimes.

  5. Egg egg...my elder girl called it! :P

  6. bila kecil cacing tanah,,sudah besar Anaconda!

  7. So farnie hor. Kids are a bunch of inquisitive 'creatures'. Yes, when we were younger, like egghead and shooi, we were taught to call it 'kukuchiow', 'banana' or 'birdie' but never the real name. Nowadays, it's the real term. My husband taught my kids to call them by the proper names but then hor, he goes and call his 'Henry'. Where got people name that part of the body one? I think it all started so that the kids won't know what he is referring to when he is talking to me. Aiyoh...sound a bit personal already. I'll stop here.

  8. egghead,
    Ya hor. Banana seems the most likely or hotdog... Kekekeke

    Balitong?! Hahaha. First time I heard.

    Oh, is there such a book?

    Yes I agree with you. I told her its called penis but she insisted its a tail. (*rolls eyes*)

    Egg? Why egg? I don't see the resemblance. Hehe.

    Lol! You got infected by Ah Pek, I see.

    vien, blurblur,
    Kids will be kids. They always speak their minds.

    Haha. Now you've got me in stitches.

  9. Same thing happened to us. fter we had our son, had a lot of questions from Rahil my daughter. She calls it "bird and ball".

  10. Tail? Haha...like my boy calls my breasts tummy. But I don't tell him the name cos like you said, he'll probably go round telling pple about my breasts. :p

  11. tail...LOL. Mine calls bird bird cause I thought her that.

  12. My boy calls it "Pee pee", as from penis, he still can't pronounce the actual word.

  13. Got to becareful with the words we teach them. My little one keeps on saying `nen nen'.....mmm.....
    As for the `bird' talk: my neighbour was relating a story where his son saw a gal peeing in the toilet and asked: Why mum she is missing something..... LOL.

  14. adam,
    When they start getting curious, its the right time to explain the birds and the bees (simplified version for early childhoon lah) in your case the bird and ball.

    Yup. Thats what he'll probably do. Haha.

    I wonder why ppl call it bird...

    Pee pee is what its for afterall. Haha.

    Missing something? Lol! Cute.

  15. MG, she is refering to the "tail" 's neighbour lar...hehe...neh, the 2 ah! LOL

  16. I'll leave it to my wife to teach the girls :P

  17. jesslyn,
    OIC! The neighbour! Haha.

    For girls, the mum teach. Boys, the dad teach loh.

  18. Er...if boy also, i'll probably ask the mummy to teach :P


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