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Monday, August 21, 2006

Forget Slimming Aids and Slimming Centres (All it takes is a little determination and Willpower)

I have not been a fat person for most of my life but after my two babies, I became one. I could no longer recognise myself in the mirror and if I didn't, so too the people around me. Sometime in October, I decided that enough is enough and so I made a resolution to lose weight and thats what I did. I lost around 8-10 pounds in around 6 months from that resolution. However, after losing, I became lazy and now my weight has stabilized around 125 pounds. So its time to renew my resolution and start from a new base.

Its not hard to lose weight really. All it takes is some self discipline. There is no need for any slimming aids or slimming centres. What is required is the correct state of mind, a plan and the determination to follow through that plan. There is no difference in losing weight on your own or through a slimming centre. When you walk in to a slimming centre with the aim to lose weight half the battle has been won because you have decided to make a change and so you follow the plan and diet set up for you.

  • I am my own "slimming centre". Today I am renewing my plan to lose weight and follow through my own diet and exercise regime which I have slacked.
  • I do not need any slimming aids. I will just eat wisely and do my exercises diligently. (Speaking of slimming aids, the most ridiculous ones I've seen around recently are the ones you wear around your waist and vibrates or the other which you sit on a saddle and get rocked about like on a horse. How on earth is any of those contraptions going to help anyone to lose weight is beyond my comprehension and they don't come cheap)

Wish me luck. I will report on my success on this blog. Ok. Time to go and do my salsacise now.


  1. Change your language to convince your mind.

    Instead of: "I will just eat wisely and do my exercises diligently." Write: "I eat wisely and exercise diligently."

    Note down a date when you want to have lost .... pounds. This is important, otherwise it slips.

    Describe your goal - how you want to look like - in sensory language, as detailed as possible. Visualise it vividly. And you have a real chance to achieve it (even so there is more that you can do!!)

    Good luck

  2. way to go MG...we support you ;)

  3. Haha, great minds think alike. I blogged about this just last week. Totally agree with what you're saying especially that funny bit about the bucking bronco LOL. Good luck ;)

  4. MG, we are at the same wave length! I am totally an NON BELIEVER IN SLIMMING CENTRES as they r so expensive & they weight loss is only temp. We shd learn to eat healthy fresh food & workout daily. I've maintained my weight loss (50lbs)for the past 4 yrs & I have more energy & feel younger than I had 10 yrs ago.

    MG I am so glad that u chose to do the same & my best wishes to you.

  5. Way to go, we're here to support you! :)

    With your determination, i'm sure you will succeed! :)

  6. we support you...let us know and share to us..

  7. MG, you're so right! I found that out when I had my gallstone problem for 6 mths before the surgery. In that 6 mths, I cut off fatty food, no desserts, just fruits, everything was steamed and yet I ate enough to keep me satisfied. I lost so much weight (reluctantly) from size 8 to less than size 6. Couldn't find any clothes to fit me so I really look like a smurf in normal people's clothes. After the op, eat non stop, so now fat already lah!
    So, 'Luck'...I'm wishing you luck!

  8. andreas,
    Wow! A free tip from a nlp trainer. Thank you for your wonderful suggestions. I will set more specific goals for myself and I'm having fun visualising. :)

    Thank you for the support.

    Oh, I just went and read your post and agree with you too. Can't imagine why anyone would pop a pill to slim down when all they have to do is to manage what they eat and exercise more.

    You've managed to maintain it and thats a really good thing. Losing is only one battle won, next we have to maintain it.


    I will share.

    I hope that your gallstone problem has been resolved.

  9. Its true... all it takes is having determination. just keep trying, even if you don't see result soon, built it as a good habit, it will pay off.

  10. Cut out the dessert, I think that's the worst! I'm also trying to loose the spare tyre by limiting to 3 meals per day, more veg, fish & less meat. Here's good luck to us *clink* (that's mineral water btw)

  11. *clap clap* I fully support you. Good luck! :)

  12. Yikes, you've just reminded me of my plan of slimming down which I've slacked off recently. I still have 5 kg to lose by October. Mmmm...got to eat wisely now!

  13. I lost 10kg less than 1 month after suffered from tonsilitis on last December...Terrible experienced but happy with the weight lost!

  14. Yea babe! I am currently on my own weight loss journey now, thanks to inspiration from the ladies at SAHP Malaysia. I lost 7kgs in 18 days! Diet and exercise, there's all there is to it.

    I heard on the radio that to quit smoking, don't plan for it. So I never planned and just one day upped and did it.


  15. ricket,
    Yes, built it as a good habit. Its good for health too.

    *clink back* (mineral water)

    Thank you. With the support, I can't back out of my plan. Hehe.

    Just 5kg more. Thats not a lot. Can. Can. ;)

    Oh dear, thats not a very nice way to lose weight. Still its easier for you to just maintain the lost weight now, I guess.

    You go too! Mari! Mari! We cheer each other on.

  16. Best of luck for you MG :)

    *gambatte gambatte*
    Always have positive mind and passion.

    You go MG!

    I'll pray for you :)

  17. Many years ago I was the goondu that bought those vibrating slimming belts thinking that it'll help me cos I was too lazy to exercise. But I never got to find out if it works cos I got too lazy to even put it on after a while. :p

  18. LOL i bought one of those sliming belts but fr cosway one la..coz only RM100++, can afford la. Can't tell if those belt really work but figured that to do something better than nothing kua.

  19. mamafiza,
    Thank you.

    Lol! Too lazy to put it on. Reminds me of my cousin who persuaded her husband to buy the most tech advanced microwave only to be too lazy to even heat up a pau in it eventually.

    RM100++ not affordable to me lah but I think those expensive ones around RM799 or some shocking amount like that. For RM799 I can buy a few pretty outfits, then hang them in front of me as motivation to slim down. Hahaha.

  20. determination and time.. that's what we need.

    However, if you have kids.. time is something you lack. *sigh*

  21. Hey, i have the vibrating thing that u put ard yr waist! hehehe but i don't have time and discipline to use it. Normally my Jayden sure kacau me when i'm using it. So end up i'll stop the vibrating thing and let him sit on top of it while i walk ard the hs.

  22. zara's mama,
    Yup! You have even less time when you work but you can still do things like park your car further away and walk (but then you'll need to worry about safety concerns then. Haiy!)

    Then you must wear it to sleep. Haha.

  23. talk to me dear...dont't pout...hehe
    u r lost weight too...
    u r right all it takes is discipline.
    for me i have to be very discipline in my food intake...don't want the puss to come back so have to really pantang.

  24. I just found this thread and site and kudos for your writing dilligence. Good luck with your weight loss. It is a hard road, one that I am traveling daily. My method for losing weight is plain and simple. Eat less, exercise more. I can't stress enough how successful this straightforward approach was for me. I've lost 50 lbs in one year. i started at 280lbs and am now down to 230lbs! I walk/bike every day to work and I don't eat anything after 8 p.m.

    Of course, eating healthy and portion control are paramount to a solid weight loss approach. But one thing I learned is that you need to have some indulgences to keep you from a deprived state of hunger. What I did was researched the market and found healthy alternatives to traditionally bad foods. One that i found that I LOVE is Laloo's Goat Milk ice Cream. (www.laloos.com) It tastes awesome and it has half the calories and fat as traditional ice creams. It makes me feel like I am rewarding myself for my hard exercise work. Plus I am lactose intolerant and the goats milk helps with that ailment. OK, enough about Laloos. I just wanted to offer my support to those looking to lose weight. Have a great day, all!

  25. anon,
    Thank you for your encouragement. You have done well, losing 50lbs in a year.


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