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Friday, August 18, 2006

The one who collects the brochures and leaflets

A while ago (probably ages ago is more like it) I was having lunch with some girlfriends. We were having a good time talking and laughing about our relationships. During that conversation, we discovered that among the many couples we knew, there is usually one who collects brochures and leaflets and another who can't stand to have them lying around creating a big mess.

Well, between hubby and me, I'm the one who likes to collect brochures and leaflets. I'm the more disorganised one afterall. Not sure why, but I really like to collect brochures and leaflets and "study" them. Lol!

I especially like Ikea for home ideas, those flowers and gifts brochures from some company (I can't remember the name), Toysarus newsletters, free magazines from Jusco and Guardian (anything free, I like!), little menus from restaurants and fast food outlets. I'd study them from cover to cover. Lol!

Take me to an exhibition and I'm bound to return with more brochures and pamphlets from each stall. (*rolls eyes at myself*)

And hubby will go "Why do you keep all these brochures in your handbag?". My girlfriend tells me she's got hers stashed up on her living room table and forgets about them making a mess. Another one says her husband is the one who collects the brochures and she has to pick up after him.

Do you collect any brochures and leaflets? Or is it a passtime for bored people?


  1. I would collect tonnes of well designed brochures so that I can get some inspiration off their designs in some of my work (in terms of color combination and layout) :P

  2. Yes, me too indeed; had same ideas like MG and egghead :)

    Already had collect tons of brochure, read it many times, showed + described it to my toddlers (so that it won't make them felt left behind) and lastly the brochure end up as recycling papers :)

    My husband also had remind me alot about don't mess our house with those brochure.

    Nowadays, if we're on our family outing; I will think twice to accept any brochure from those promoter :)

  3. Yes, I collect but I collect leaflets and flyers of Japanese superstars. Sometimes I will go round shopping centres to hunt for them. Maybe I should show these on my blog? Haha...

  4. I collect brochures for future reference, but usually by the time i need it I no longer can find it. My man has this habit of spring clean (throwing out things) every so often, and he cant stand mess and of course during the process of cleaning...he's nagging nagging nagging...

  5. "eee...I didn't collect broucher ..they give it to me only eventho I don't wan"...

    hehee..tats wat I told my hubby when he ask y got tonnes of broucher/catalogue in my car...:p

  6. Me collect, hubby threw! I love to collect, dont know why! LOL

  7. I used to.. but nowadays most info is in the net.. who needs those brouchures?

    I still keep those for the phone numbers though.

  8. egghead,
    Thats different then. You're doing market research, not collecting junk!

    Yes, can use as recycling papers or sometimes I roll them up, put rubber band and give it to the kids to play pretend telescope.

    Maybe you should!

    Hahaha. And they say women nag. I just told hubby recently that he nags at me.

    Thats a good answer. Hehe.

    Yah, even those brochure from Watsons or whatever I will collect and see if got any discount coupons in there. :P

  9. zara's mama,
    The net is not the same, unless you have a laptop.

  10. oo my hubby loveeeessss leaflets and brochures. CAn you imagine he brought a whole bag full of brochures, leaflets and catalogues from china during his visit there...and he kept for 1 yr, then i do housekeeping and threw it hahaha

  11. Emm...maybe majority of ladies like to collect brochures and leaflets..haha..is part of daily life! That's why adertisement always targets woman instead of man. BTW, i like to collect as well!

  12. contented mum,
    Yes, me too otherwise got ppl nag.

    1 year! *tapik*

    hui sia,
    Yah, I even "read up" those Watsons catalogues like eat free nothing to do like dat. :P

  13. My hubby and I love to read but we don't keep it...

  14. I don't carry a handbag so cannot collect them either. I usually keep them and throw it into a recycle bin after reading it. I do collect ikea magazine, year after year.

    Any1 knows whether the 2008 has arrived?

  15. my hb is the one who collects brochures n leaflets, I prefer to have them out of sight.

  16. channelwong,
    At last a couple who BOTH reads. lol!

    2008? Oh! I'm having 2006. Did I miss a 2007?

    Hehe. And huisia said its a women's thing. I saw a few men who collects here.

  17. Depends. I will collect and keep if I want some references for something that I want to buy. Come to think of it, I only keep Ikea booklet.

  18. Long that didn't read brochures already. As the matter of fact, I notice I didn't receive any for the past weeks! Last time, Tesco and Macro will always send their leaflets or brochures. Mmmm....where have they been...

  19. LOL! My mom is sooo like you. She loves to collect brochures/mags that feature housing properties and claims she wants to "study" them. As for me, when I see someone passing out flyers, I'll say "No thanks" unless it is a promo flyer of that particular shop I'm at.

  20. I hate brochures. I will go through the ones from supermarkets dropped through the mailbox and note what I want to buy and throw the brochures out straight away.
    My hubby on the other hand, has catalogues from Ikea, Argos, Wickes and all sorts from Building Merchants which annoys me cos our house is already so small and full of rubbish. Errr, no offence ah, but my husband is really boring lei! LOL.

  21. babykhong,
    Thats sounds like the best way. No clutter. Hehe.

    Me too.

    Haha. Yes, I love those housing ones too!

    *pouts* so who're you indirectly calling boring? Hehehe. No lah, I don't take offence so easily one.

  22. My hubby is a brochure collector...while i can't wait to throw them all into the trashbin!! :P

  23. Opps 2007 :P. I can't wait to get old...hehehe


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