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Friday, August 18, 2006

The one who collects the brochures and leaflets

A while ago (probably ages ago is more like it) I was having lunch with some girlfriends. We were having a good time talking and laughing about our relationships. During that conversation, we discovered that among the many couples we knew, there is usually one who collects brochures and leaflets and another who can't stand to have them lying around creating a big mess.

Well, between hubby and me, I'm the one who likes to collect brochures and leaflets. I'm the more disorganised one afterall. Not sure why, but I really like to collect brochures and leaflets and "study" them. Lol!

I especially like Ikea for home ideas, those flowers and gifts brochures from some company (I can't remember the name), Toysarus newsletters, free magazines from Jusco and Guardian (anything free, I like!), little menus from restaurants and fast food outlets. I'd study them from cover to cover. Lol!

Take me to an exhibition and I'm bound to return with more brochures and pamphlets from each stall. (*rolls eyes at myself*)

And hubby will go "Why do you keep all these brochures in your handbag?". My girlfriend tells me she's got hers stashed up on her living room table and forgets about them making a mess. Another one says her husband is the one who collects the brochures and she has to pick up after him.

Do you collect any brochures and leaflets? Or is it a passtime for bored people?

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