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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pencil Shaving Flower Craft for kids

I vaguely remembered doing some artwork in primary school using coloured pencil shavings and told my girl about it one day while I was sharpening her colour pencils. Since then she has been pestering me to do it with her. Unfortunately I couldn't find any good ideas on the internet to follow so I had to make do with my own imagination to stop her from pestering me. She can be very persistent! Lol!

I'm not very artistic so it didn't turn out as nice as I had envisioned. Hahaha. I had imagined lovely daisies, pretty rosebuds and beautiful sunflowers but what we got was this instead.

Here's what we used for the flower craft:

  1. Art Paper
  2. Coloured Pencil Shavings
  3. Glue

Here's how we did the flower craft:

First we sharpened some coloured pencils in various colours and collected the shavings. Then we glued them onto the art paper and decorated the rest of the picture. We decorated ours by drawing a flower pot for the flowers. I helped my girl (and my boy) to glue the flowers on and had her draw in the grass in the pot, the flower stem, leaves and butterflies. According to her the blue butterfly she drew at the side has a big smile and is sticking its red tongue out. Haha. Kids and their imagination.

As usual, baby not wanting to be a mere onlooker also helped to draw a few lines for the stems, coloured the flower pot and helped to press the flowers with the glue on together with his sister. Not knowing what to do with the balance colourful wax left behind from the pencil sharpenings, we put some extra glue on the paper and sprinkled them all over for extra colour and texture. Its not great to look at but as usual the kids enjoyed the session which is whats most important.

And in case anyone is wondering, NO, a SAHM does not have a lot of free time to do such crafts with the kids. Our crafts always take very little time. (The childrens' crafts are usually very cheap and require very little resources as well) This flower craft only took about 20 minutes from start to finish including clearing up. And then we're off to another activity.


  1. It's really nice! I like the butterfly with red tougue sticking out. :P What an imaginative girl.

  2. nice!!!! doesn't take expensive materials to make the most beautiful things!

    i like the fact u included allotted time, from start to clean up! '-)

  3. I think I did that art in primary. Another craft I remembered was trace a picture on to the art block. Cut out small color magazine/newspaper into small squares, stick onto the picture following the color.

    2. You also can use a plastic bowl or balloon, make some glue using starch, stick cut newspaper and stick all over the bowl/balloon. Last layer, you stick white paper and when it is dry, you can paint on it.

    Here is another good website for art and craft. http://www.hitentertainment.com/artattack/menu_artattacks.html

  4. That's why I love your blog, so much info to share. MY boy will love me for this :)

  5. coincidently I post a pic on pencil sharpening craft with 2 types of sharpening (those small sharpener and the big one- this one the sharpening is very fine) on my blog today. Done it with my girl last week I think.

    Agreed with you that the art and craft doesn't have to look really nice, the fun and joy of it is the process. I never buy expensive materials, just make do with what we have at home, even old magazine is good enough for colour papers to be cut out and stick.

  6. I always wondered what to do with the shaving beside throwing it away. Its a really good idea to recycle them.

  7. I love this piece of work. Nice. Must find a folder to keep all the art work your kids have done.

  8. Aah.. I remembered doing this myself when I was younger..

    Btw, does your boy participate in all these activities? It seems to be for older kids. Wonder how you occupied your younger one when the girl is doing these activiites.

  9. hehe all these crafts always bring back old school memories huh :). very nice piece

  10. Mm, very nice. This is one I have not seen in my near half a century on this earth. Do you find that your colour pencils are getting shorter very quickly? Does her persistence come from her mother's genes? LOL

  11. allyfeel,
    Haha. Yes, she wanted to make all the butterflies happy.

    I usually take a very short time because they can get bored easily and I'm lazeeeee

    Thanks a lot for the idea and the link.

    Dunno why they like to do craft so much.

    Wow, your pencil shaving mermaid looks a lot prettier.

    Yes, many home stuff can be recycled and turned into art.

    I haven't found the folder yet. Must do so.

    zara's mama,
    Yes, he always joins in and does what he can........ to mess up! The only time he doesn't is when I'm giving her lessons. Then he gets to play all his toys without them being snatch away from him by big sister.

    Yes, it does bring back school days memories for me too.

    I find that the colour pencils don't really get shorter more easily but they're smoother and the colours are nicer now. No, I usually give up easily. The only time I was very persistent was when I had difficulty breastfeeding. Haha.

  12. oh...this is very lovely. can't wait till my son is old enuf to start doing such craft

  13. shooi,
    Yes, I should really do it more often with them but I'm lazy. It takes effort.

  14. Great art piece! I shall try this with my son one of these days.

  15. I actually just finished a pencil shaving art of my own! I wasjust googling it to see if i was the only one, and i was surprised to find this. I think its really cute and creative for a child.

    my art was completely made of pencil shavings. It was a sparow, and the pencil shavings were all the feathers. for the eyes, feet and tail i used the brown lead leftover with the pencil shavings, and for the ground i used grated pencil from my electric sharpener. It actually turned out really cool

    actually i'm starting a summer art workshop for children aged 6-9 so i have a lot of exciting kids crafts planned out. I think im going to skip on the pencil shavings since the result is not as 'dramatic', but when i have kids i really want to spend time with them the way you have :)

  16. Hello. I wish I could see your pencil shaving sparrow! My kids love and look forward to their arts and crafts sessions. Here is the link to all my kids crafts. Feel free to borrow any of the ideas for your summer art workshop. :)
    My Kids' Crafts


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