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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Kid's Craft : Homemade Card

One of the ways to help my kids look forward to certain events or important dates is to keep on talking about the event or date (before the event) with them. We mark the calander together to look forward to it and we do activities together. And after the event, we usually recap by talking about how the day or event went.

We made a homemade card for Mr MG for Father's Day. (Yes, I know its a long time ago but I forgot to post this up. Hehe.) I borrowed the card idea from another blogger's Mother's Day card. (Aren't blogs just great?) Thank you Geetha!

Geetha thought me how to do the kids handprints for the card. We painted a border and used hand-me-down stick on earings given to my girl for decoration. It looked like little heart, star and other shaped shiny studs embossed on the card. Nice but not nicely captured by this amateur photographer.

This is the inside of the card as drawn by my girl. The stick figures with long hair is supposed to be the ladies ie me and her and the other two represented Daddy and baby.

Pssst. I just updated my other blog with the following post. How to make sure your firstborn child accept the new baby Those parents who are interested in this topic can hop over to that blog. Otherwise, see ya. Hehe. Just me doing a little bit of shameless self advertisement.


  1. don't you just love this kinda gifts... they are from the heart :)

  2. simply craft that melts the heart :)

  3. *ahem, ahem* thot want to be silent reader mah, mana tahu you "chao"(search) me to my Chinese blog lioa LOL... :P

    I am still waiting for my girls make card for me, but then I asked them a month ago whne I have my card, they ask their daddy buy for me, I said I want them to make, they ask their daddy to make!

    Well... I don't get card from hubby since the girls born, seems like three of them all passing the make-card-for-mommy ball around.

  4. Very nice card they have created.. Give your girl a little more imagination, she will create nice ones herself soon ;)
    You can look one for one next year .. on Mother's day ;)

  5. I guess your girl learns more studying at home with a creative mum like you. She's lucky!

  6. You're very creative indeed! :) And i like the drawing inside the card. I bet Mr MG must be smiling non-stop when he saw the card...:)

  7. egghead,
    And they're cheaper too. Hehe.

    It would be nice to make a photograph collage card too but these days everything digital got no prints.

    Haha. I "cari sampai pintu" then only you come and comment hor?

    Thanks again for the great idea. Next year, post more of yours and I'll come again to curi idea. Hahaha.

    Not creative, just resourceful. Everything oso can find on the internet.

    I like the drawing too for keepsakes. Its nice to see their drawings evolve isn't it?

  8. kekeke.... :P

    I afraid if I don't comment now, you really sampai my house door LOL....

  9. So cute, I like the drawing of your girl, esp the one depicting female.

  10. maria,
    Yes, yes. Be afraid. Be very afraid! Hahaha.

    zara's mama,
    I like it too especially since its supposed to be a drawing of her and me. Hehe.

  11. I love your kid's match stick men! I have always wanted WH to draw something like that but the results were fatal! Oh my...only two lines. Than I attempted to assist him, yes it looked better in hope it brings a bit of encouragement to him, still it wasn't his work. The lastest as you can see in my posting in my blog of his `art gallery' you can see he managed to scribble a look a like match stick of the family. Yeah..all of us were slanting without any backbones! What more our eyes were just dots..or at least there were dots and not one eye monsters like he previously drew on faces! Man..I just love kid's drawing, it says it all - pure and innocent!

  12. flowsnow,
    I gave my my girl some encouragement too. At first she only knew how to draw faces. So I showed her how to add in the sticks for legs and hands.


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