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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

About the birds and the bees

I had this funny conversation with my girl recently....

My Girl: Mummy, why did you marry daddy?

MG: Because I love him.

My Girl: Mummy, you must not run run run. You must be careful. Afterwards fall down.

MG: Why?

My Girl: Because got me and baby inside your stomach.

MG: Haha. No, I did not run around. I walked carefully when I had you.

My Girl: Did you wear high heels?

MG: No, I didn't. I made sure I walked around carefully but there was one time when I fell down but it was ok. See, there's still a mark. *points to my knee*

My Girl: Ok

Lol! She knows that people get married and have babies but I'll leave it till later to explain to her how babies are made. Hahaha.


  1. Oh no...hahaahhah u must teach us eh ..how to tell em about that.

  2. sasha,
    I'm waiting for you to teach me la...

  3. Just give a straight forward answer la. make it a science lesson.

  4. u all must tell me how to tell the kids ok !!

  5. ricket,
    If the kids ask, thats what I'll do. If they don't ask I'll keep quiet. Heheh.

    There you go. Ricket just told me how. You can follow is tip too.

  6. Kimberly told me she wants to grow up like "Yee Yee" aka my younger and slim sister aka her aunt, but she dont want to grow old like ME because she dont want to carry a baby in her tummy!!!! okay, i am officially old in her eyes. did some simple explanation but overall, am still holding off on the birds and the bees too. ha ha.

    hey, btw, i tagged you. an easy peasy one.

  7. allthingspurple,
    At least she doesn't think you're fat. My girl is always calling me Fat! Lol!


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