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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Do you read labels when you shop?

Do you read labels when you shop? You're supposed to read labels to know the nutrition levels of the food products you buy but hey you know what? Labels can lie!

"It has been a staple for generations of children. But two schoolgirls have shown Ribena is not all it claims to be. Its makers, GlaxoSmithKline, were fined nearly £80,000 in a New Zealand court yesterday after admitting making misleading claims about the amount of Vitamin C in the drink there and in Australia."

Above excerpt from telegraph.co.uk: Girls expose Ribena's false vitamin claim

What about Malaysia then?

"As reported in the press, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare in New Zealand (GSK-CH) has accepted charges brought by the New Zealand Commerce Commission (NZCC) and has given undertakings to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) with regards to potentially misleading advertising statements and low levels of Vitamin C in some Ribena Ready-to-Drink products manufactured for the Australia and New Zealand markets.

GSK Malaysia has conducted thorough laboratory testing of Vitamin C levels in Ribena. This testing has confirmed that Ribena in Malaysia contain the stated levels of Vitamin C, as described on product labels. GSK would like to reassure its consumers in Malaysia that the issues discussed with the ACCC and NZCC only affects certain Ribena products in Australia and New Zealand. "

Above excerpt from Amir Mahmood Razak's blog: GSK Malaysia has given assurance on the Vitamin C Levels in Ribena.

Hmmm...... I guess its time to wipe the dust off the juicer and make more fresh juices for the kids.


  1. Yes MG, u r so right. No one can cheat u when u juice the fruit overselves. In our home it's staple to have watermelon, honeydew, orange, carrot & bittergourd juices.Packet juices only when they take to sch.

  2. Uh oh...i don't have the habit of reading labels...quite shocked over this Ribena case...

  3. I read labels.. esp if it's getting something for the girls..

    Heard of this Ribena thingy too, thanks for sharing that it's ok for Malaysia Ribena.. (wonder how true this is though, and if anybody did an analysis on the content)

  4. Hmm, probably that's why I can't find Ribena here. The US FDA has stringent rules.

  5. a&a'smom,
    You always sound like you have good healthy practises. Exercise and a good diet. Must emulate you. :)

    Yes and we have been drinking it from young and now our children drink it.

    zara's mama,
    You're not the only one with these doubts. You can read the comments here here

    I wish we had more stringent rules here. Sigh.

  6. Meet Larry Liebena



  7. Oh, I'm sure glad S'pore's ribena has the stated Vit C, coz my gal really loves it!

  8. I have to habit of reading labels, yes, that's y my hb can never understand y I take so long to shop for Groceries.


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