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Friday, March 16, 2007

When you have two or more

I have two kids and they drive me crazy with their endless fights. However at the same time its fun to watch them play together and interact. For example, they were having their baths and I let them take their teapots and cups into the bath to play. (It helps wash up those toys at the same time!). They were laughing and giggling away as they poured water into the cups and teacups and yelled "YUMMM SENG" (Cheers!) as they had just attended a Chinese Wedding Dinner recently and found out what the word meant.

After their bath, they played with their cars on the toy playmat. "Are you going to the snowy place?" asked the elder one as they "drove" their cars around and around. Then they talked about ice creams "I want the pink ice cream" said the girl "I want the blue one" said the boy.

Now, if only I could I would like to have a third one so that I can see how they interact with the third. I think they would probably gang up into teams and "side" with one when they feel like it and drive me nuts! Hahaha. (But it will be fun to watch and they will learn some new interaction and social skills among themselves).

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