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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Extra Mile

Do you do the extra mile for your spouse? Take for example you decided to be a good husband and told your wife "Go out with your girlfriends. Go and have fun. I will look after the kids for you." and thats exactly what you do. But when your wife gets home, the kids are still wide awake and jumping on the bed, the milk bottles are left on the sink unwashed. Sometimes the kids need to be bathed because they are sweating so much from playing etc.

Sure your wife appreciates your watching the kids while she goes out for some much needed personal time but wouldn't it be nice if she came home to see a sparkling house, the kids fed, bathed and asleep and you reading a book or asleep yourself? Ok. Ok. You might say that "Hey! I've done so much. What more do you want?" or "Isn't that asking for a bit too much?" No. If you had taken that extra mile it would make your efforts shine!!! And your spouse will be very, very thankful. Believe me.

This is just one example I can think of from personal experience. I love it when hubby watches the kids for me but sometimes it means more work for me when I get home. Hahaha. Sometimes I wish he would go the extra mile. Sometimes he does, but not all the time. Hehe.

This post is a bit one-sided, so now I need to go and sit down and think about how I can go the extra mile for my spouse. He has been neglected lately because I'm just too tired. Sometimes he raises his arm or feet at me in a broad hint for a massage but I playfully "pretend not to see" in front of him. Hehe.

What about you. Do you go the extra mile for your spouse?


  1. Papa BoK's favourite extra mile.. is cook breakfast for me.. and then wake me up late late.. and i have to "kallang, kabut" to eat and go to work.. hahhahhhahaha!! the intention is always good.. but end up.. i get choked all the time.. !

  2. mamabok,
    Thats really sweet of Papa Bok. You're like me. I love to sleep it. Haha.

  3. That's the difference between men and women. When The Big Kid comes back, I usually ensures that everything's spick and span and there's nothing to pick up after. If he takes care of the kids, it's already a BIG deal. Lol. So, I can forget about a neat house. What can I say, ya? At least he helps out :P


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