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Friday, March 02, 2007

Toilet stops on the highway when you travel with two kids under five

As I mentioned in my previous post on Car Journey with the kids - Part II, we had to wake the kids up for a toilet stop soon after they fell asleep. How I wished that we didn't have to stop so that they could stay asleep and we could travel peacefully. However, the car and the driver needed a break and so.........

We stopped for a drink and then I took my girl to the packed public toilet while hubby watched baby for me. After that it was hubby's turn to go to the toilet while I watched baby and the girl. Right after he came out, my girl wanted to go again for a poo. Aiyoh! And so in we went again to the packed toilet.

After that, we trudged back all the way to the car. The toilet was rather far away from our car. I decided to change baby's diapers in the car but then he decided to have a poo. Aiyoh! I changed him in the car anyway and washed my hands with some spare water we carried in the car for emergencies because we didn't want to walk all the way back to the toilet again. It was starting to rain and the cars and traffic were building up so we had to leave the stopover quickly.

An hour later, my girl wanted to have a pee again but this time there were no stops so I put on a spare diaper for her and asked her to pee in the diaper. When you can't find a toilet, the diaper acts as a useful disposable "toilet" when you need it :P

Well, this is just one of the things you have to go through during a long car journey with the kids if you are travelling with two young kids under 5 years old. Very tiring but thats part of the fun of having kids yes? Lol!


  1. I did the same thing --> When you can't find a toilet, the diaper acts as a useful disposable "toilet" when you need it :P

    Hehe GOng Xi Fa Chai Yeah

  2. Hey, happy CNY !! Although its the last day of CNY today. We travel every forthnight to the in laws. Its 3 1/2 hour drive away and we usually leave at 6 am and they usually sleep all the way there. If they wake, i usually have the VCD on, or some light snacks (trail mix, pretzels, soy drink & stuff) and we have this collapsible box with some stuff in them which i rotate every now and then, prob some mini books, some favourite games (magnetic), the magna doodle, card games (u can find lots at Early Learning Centre at the Curve), her travel polly dollies, etc. For Ashley, its definitely her Barney CDs and snacks for her to chew on and the leapfrog touch pad. sori this is so lenghty.

  3. i guess they need to have changing room for baby in the r&r place

  4. Hey it works for crazed astronauts.

  5. that's why i put on de diaper to my 2 dothers during long journey..

    Oh, Chap Goh Mei to u n ur family..

  6. I hate public toilet, especially have to drag the kids along into the wet smelly dirty public toilet.

    I have a small potty and some water and kitchen towel in the car for emergency.

  7. jessie,
    Yes, the diaper is the best disposable "toilet". Hehe.

    Wow! Your kids are lucky. So many activities in the car. Mine only has food. Hahaha.

    But it'll probably be dirty and we dare not use. :(

    Oh yes, it does, doesn't it?

    Makes perfect sense to do that.

    You're hardworking!


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