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Friday, March 30, 2007

Can you make someone smile when they're very mad?

Can you make someone smile when they're very mad? Right after they yelled at you? Don't you just feel like yelling back? And you certainly won't feel like smiling, would you?

However children have an uncanny way of doing this. Right after I'm finished yelling at them, they would come to me, shove their little faces right in front of mine, give me a big grin and say "Mummy, happy? Mummy, happy" and if my face remained stern, they'd continue "Mummy, happy?" "Hmmmm?" "Hmmmmm?" all the while still grinning and shoving their faces right in front of mine. Its so comical that sometimes I can't help but burst out laughing!

Occassionally when they see me very upset or angry with them they would cry and try to hug me. So angry though I may be, I will try my best to give them a reassuring hug even though I'm mad! Afterall, I'm glad that they run to me instead of cry and run away sulking, pouting or throwing further tantrums.

I guess we adults have a lot to learn from the little ones when we're fighting. When I'm mad at my spouse or when he's mad at me, I certainly do not feel like smiling at him or hugging him! Hahaha. I should try to learn from the kids but it takes all the control in the world to do that which comes so naturally to them. Hahaha.


  1. So so true, we have tonnes to learn from the kids when it comes to forgiving :)

  2. My boy is so good at that. His recent trick is " Mummy, you love me not?" if I answer "NO" (pretend to be still angry) , he will come and hug and kiss me all over.... of course most time before I could say no, my heart already melted by his question.

  3. It is true but when want to do like them are very tough.

  4. Ya, how very true!!! I can never stay angry with Meia for long!!!

  5. You are right on. I too, get my occasional lessons on forgiveness. My son already knows my "angry" look. He will then go "uh-oh", then run away screaming (in a funny way) like he running away from a monster.
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  6. Yeah i agree ... how to stay angry when you have a cute face in front of you making you laugh. My girl always does that when I'm angry with her .. making all kinds of silly faces. :)

  7. yoo hoo.... you have been taaaagged.... !!! Its a sweet 18 tag, no less.


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