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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Poof! Disappeared!

This just happened:
  1. I type my blog post *clickety clack clickety clack*
  2. I hit the publish post button
  3. I check my blog post
  4. Several paragraphs are missing!
  5. I retype my blog post from memory
  6. Repeat Steps 1 to 6
Aaargggh! This blogger. Has anyone ever encountered the problem where you write a lengthy post, they you hit publish and when you check your blog post, several paragraphs are missing! It just happened to me and its happened a few times before this too. Really annoying and a waste of time. Probably I should do what most people do, type in word then copy and paste before publishing. This way at least my blog post won't disappear into thin air.


  1. told ya to move off Blogger! Take up on my offer then..


    PS: look see, I got another paid blogging site for U to try.

  2. Oh you've added another blog to your stable eh?


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