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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Getting my girl ready for preschool

A kindergarden operator told me that the kids who understand the concept of school will fare much better when they start preschool for the very first time.

Having heard that, I started preparing my girl for preschool months ago even though I had no intention of sending her too early. I tried to create a school environment for her. Study table and chair, white board and all and we try to sit at there for her lessons in maths, science, malays, plus arts and crafts. She totally enjoys those lessons with me and constantly asks for them because she gets my undivided attention during those lessons. (Children just like it that you spend quality time with them. Teaching them and reading to them is a good way of spending quality time and they love it!)

She has a few videos about schooling and going to school and sometimes we play pretend school. Her brother is usually involved too in these plays as the other student. To further prepare her, I gave her the impression that going to school or kindergarden is a special privelege that only older children like her (and not her brother) can enjoy.

She is prepared now, I believe. (after being brainwashed by me. lol!) When we visited a kindergarden recently she attended a trial class for an hour. She was very good. Although normally shy and clingy she did not protest when the teacher took her hand and led her upstairs to the classroom away from me. She did not say "No, I don't want to go" or "I want to go home". When I went to peep at her after half an hour later I saw that she was seated in the back row. She wasn't paying attention to what the teacher was saying but she was looking around the room curiously. Hahaha.

The teacher later gave me the feedback that she does not like to talk and doesn't want to talk to those around her. I think she just needs a little time. Afterall, she is new whereas the others are not. They have started one whole term together and are familiar to the school by now.

Later she told me that the teacher did not teach her, only the others. And when they brought her down for a snack with the other kids she said she didn't want to eat, she only wanted a drink. I do hope she can quickly adjust herself and make new friends and enjoy kindy soon. I'm planning to enrol her in one soon since she is ready now.


  1. Dun worry much, at early stage, she'll lau kai a bit wan. Even Wien had enter Sunday School b4, she still cry during the first week!

    well, you gotto well prepared ya! One tips : dun so soft heartened lar!

  2. Yes, like what Jesslyn said, don't worry. Your girl will soon enough start to make friends and enjoy kindy (if she is not already doing so).

  3. jesslyn, pablopabla,
    I'm not worried because she is ready for it and looking forward to it. She sat in for another class and seemed to enjoy it. She was so excited to try on her kindy uniform and said it was very pretty. Then we sat down and wrote her name on all her new books. I got her to make her own name card to slot in her new school bag and she was very proud of her work. Hehe. So far no tears. *Keeps fingers crossed*

  4. MG, thats' just gr8 & now u can have more time to spend with ur boy when she is at kindy.

  5. big girl liau....she will get use to it..

  6. a&a's mom,
    Yes, more one to one time without the sister clamouring for attention too. :)

    Yes, time flies....


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