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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Cane wielding teachers

Its true. Its not a myth. Chinese school teachers do walk around with cane in hand.

KPC 1: Eh you know ar, are you sure you want to send your dotter to Chinese school? The teachers walk around with a cane wan yunno?

KPC 2: Yah. Yah. And if ever your dotter is unable to finish her homework for example......... WHACK! Really kesian one you know?

MG: Really ah?

Well, its no hearsay and not a myth. I saw with my own eyes. Hahaha. When I went to register my girl at a Chinese School, I saw the teachers walking around with canes in one hand and books in the other. One teacher even had two rotan canes in her hands.

I also chanced to see 3 adults (I'm not sure if one of them included a parent) admonishing a child. They were all bearing down at her. (Just imagine 3 tall giants looking down at you and one of them pointing her finger at you accusingly) and the little girl was crying "No, I didn't lie. No, I didn't lie."

Well, I dunno if the little girl was in the wrong but wah... I oso sked man. The adults looked quite intimidating itelu!

What does everyone think of an education system with this sort of disciplinary action? I really wonder if I am doing the right thing registering my girl for a Chinese school. Sigh. I just came from reading Anak Merdeka's post Breeding excellence via a culture of fear and I'm filled with even more doubts now.


  1. Don't doubt. Your girl will also get used to this regiment ;)

    She'll be okay. So many kids come out of chinese schools and they are still okay (we don't hear of mass generations of psychologically affected students being products of this system, have we?).

    Semuanya OK! ;)

  2. I've also registered my girl for chinese school. Well, what can I say? We will not know how well a child can adapt to a particular system until we put her into one. I still say, be guided by the child. I know of parents who transfer their children into national school curriculum and vice versa. Nothing wrong with that.

    Psst... I am more worried about the stress (MY stress) related to the amount of homework reportedly given to chinese school children.

  3. If the child is not "extremely" notti ones (most kids are "notti" in a way, k, agree ornot?), shuld be alrite kua. When my boss transfer the son (very notti ma, so got punished alot lor) from chinese school to national school, the sister insisted to stay, cos she never kena (canning). So punishment is not a problem to her at all.
    With the choices of schools that I have, I'm still more confident with chinese school. The other one, the teacher totally "tarak apa" attitude. Pengsan, some exercise books are not marked at all for the whole semester. If my daughter can learn to take the stress in chinese school, I'll take it positively as a training ground. Nowadays, stress is almost everywhere - at home or office. Have to learn to manage stress. I do worried about the loads of homeworks - End up I have more stress than her. I hope the "kampung" school that i register her, doesn't give so much.

  4. pablopabla,
    You can see how I agonized over this decision I am? Hahaha. Hubby is the same.

    My sis warn me about the stress adi. I oso sked.

    Someone compared chinese school and kebangsaan school as "better the devil you know then the deep blue sea". In chinese school you know this is what you will get "corporal punishment" for not doing well, tons of homework and stress for parent and child plus an environment which subdues creativity vs dunno what you're going to get ie too lepak attitude etc. So which one you want? I wish there was a better balance being offered.

  5. Being the pet of the class didnt make me escape from been caned. I was the class monitor for 3 years in primary school and each morning is my responsible to bring the cane from my class teacher's desk to the classroom. :D Throughout my 6 years in primary school, I think I have been "rotan" like 5 times...it makes me remember my mistake better and dont repeat it...

    but now I couldn't imagine my girl having to go through being cane by the teacher.

  6. I think nowadays parents are being over-protective of their kids. I asked my wife this morning whether there was a cane-wielding type of teacher back when she was in primary school (chinese) and she said "of course". It is a symbol of discipline and they are used to it.

    Whilst there are some teachers who abuse their authority by punishing students for no reasons or handing out punishment which does not commensurate with the rule broken (and therefore this type of teachers often get reported in the papers), there are also teachers who only mete out punishment judiciously and proportionately on the rules broken (but these teachers will never be highlighted or commended by the papers).

    Antagonise not. Just trust in God that everything will be fine.

  7. Wah, you are really worried, aren't you? Don't lar ... kids always cope better in situations like that than us parents. Mine do anyway. Just remember, as a parent, you can always play an active role in your child's school by joining the PTA or getting to know their teachers personally. That way, you'll be aware of what's happening to your kid in school. As for the petty stuff, just "close one eye", eh? Cheers!

  8. think about it also sked edi. Send , die..kena torture mentally with homework stress and all Dun send, habis semua masa depan. National sch cannot harap. macam man?

  9. dragonmummy,
    You've been through the system yourself so you should be familiar with whats required of your child and thats a good start.

    Yes, thanks.

    anak merdeka,
    Haha. You can see that I am really worried can't you? Lol! I should tell myself not to because I do take an active role in my kids lives. I am a SAHM after all. I have been actively involved since breastfeeding days and intend to stay that way.

    Yah lor. Macam mana leh?

  10. But Chinese school gives you more opportunity in the future.. I'll be sending my girls to Chinese school too..

    I used to teach in Chinese school (almost 20yrs ago).. Well, some teachers do hold canes, but don't think they actually use it.


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