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Friday, August 07, 2015

How To Find Free Apps For Kids

If you own a tablet computer and you are a parent, you will need apps. As a matter of fact, let us take out the parents part and add smart phone users. If you own a tablet computer and or a smart phone, you will need apps.

So, how do you save on apps? Although some apps do not cost very much, maybe just US1.99 per app, when you add them all up, it will equal to a lot of money, not to mention in app purchases. We haven't even gone into that yet.

One way I save money on apps, and I do use a lot of apps for education, organization and games, is to use a free app finder. There are quite a few around but I just want to talk about my favourite which is AppsGoneFree.

You can go to the link I just shared. It is updated daily with apps that are currently free. Usually about 5-6 apps a day. A description along with the price will  be given and whether the app is for iPhone, iPad or universal.

Parents can find many cute apps for kids for free. For example free for yesterday 5 August 2015 is the Bubl Ice Cream App which is US2.99 but currently free. Usually the apps are free for a few days, then they expire so you have to download them quickly before they do.

This is a great way to search for free apps for your kids and for yourself. I have downloaded many fantastic free apps this way. Now you can too.


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